Disney World and Caribbean Cruise

Hello, everyone! Our family is pretty excited about this trip; it will be the first out-of-country trip for the kids and only the second for Dan. The kids have been waiting impatiently for the first week’s activities while the second week is a birthday present for my mom.

Week one involves the four of us travelling to Disney World in Florida. We’ll be staying at one of the Disney resorts; which one is yet to be determined.

Week two is when we take my mom on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. This is one of Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise ships and judging from the virtual images and details of the ship and ports it should be a lot of fun. They even have a surfing pool on the ship!

September 2009 – All reservations are made and paid for, now we just have to decide how much we really need to bring (not as much as some might think). Jessica has been counting down for months (less than 45 days now). Jarod waffles between interest in going and anxiety about flying. I keep threatening to leave him behind and find another little boy to come in his place. It doesn’t work; he knows I’d never do that. We keep reminding him to think about where we’re going, not how we’re getting there.

The only other thing we have to figure out is what costumes we’re wearing for Halloween. Jessica’s decided on being Goofy, so most of her costume can be purchased relatively cheaply, the vest can sewn super easily, and the Goofy head she wants to get a Goofy hat while we’re at Disney World. Jarod’s decided he wants to be a Clone Trooper, so that was another super easy purchase at Wal-Mart. All he needs now is a weapon, but I’m not convinced that’s either necessary or wise. Which just leaves Dan and I. The kids and I figure Dan should be Hagrid. I’m leaning towards either Merriweather (from Sleeping Beauty) or Fairy Godmother (from Cinderella). But ours are not written in stone yet. Don’t worry; I’m going to try my darndest to take lots of pictures and post them here, so you’ll see us in all our Halloween glory! I still wouldn’t expect to see Dan smiling, though.

We’re at six days and counting. Everyone is getting pretty excited, not that you’d know it talking to Dan. We finally got our family picture taken tonight, as posted, thanks to Rick. What I said earlier about getting Dan to smile for the camera still stands (damn it)!

Interactive Map of Our Itinerary

Decongestant-check; gravol-check; earplugs-check.


Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Friday, October 23, 2009

Day one begins in typical Guigon fashion with fog. Lots and lots of fog. For Yellowknife at the end of October this is incredibly unusual. So is the temperature in general: +3! By Noon the fog had not lifted and we began to worry that our flight would not leave. Actually, we were worried our flight would not get here to pick us up. Something about planes not being able to land when they can’t see the ground or something. We figured we’d go the airport as planned anyway and see what happens. In the meantime I’m also subconsciously thinking about what to do if we don’t get out (call the other airline to move our flights tomorrow, for example). So we call for our cab at around 3:00 and they tell us it will just be a couple minutes. Half an hour later I call them back and they tell me it will be another five or so as they are just waiting for a minivan to become available. So I call the other cab company and they come within two minutes. On the way to the airport the cabbie is talking about how he’s been spending all day bringing people home from the airport because of flights being cancelled due to the fog. This does not comfort us, but by this time the fog has lifted anyway so we’re feeling more confident. This confidence has paid off because it turns out we’re only delayed by about 15 minutes. Of course, we haven’t gone through security yet, but I’ll let Jessica tell that story next.

Dan reminds me that we now know how many types of gum Jarod does not like as a result of trying to buy him some at the last minute for the flight. We also know how many hats Jessica does not like as a result of trying to find one of Dan’s for her to wear on this trip (she chose Saskatchewan Roughriders – nach!). And the Guigon luck holds true for Dan, but in minor ways, as someone’s jacket fell out of the overhead compartment onto his head and his neighbor nudged at the perfect moment for him to spill his noodles marinara onto his lap. Jessica continues to remind me that nothing has happened to me yet. I will emphasize YET! I’m sure it’s coming.

Adelle J

WELL… Lets just say that scissors and airports don’t mix… I forgot to take my scissors out of my pencil bag before putting it into my carry on. So I put my bag on the belt thingy in security, and when I got through the metal detector they were putting the bag through the x-ray thing again… and again. So I was thinking What the heck.. do I have a water bottle in it… then out of nowhere, I lost my breath and was like Oh Shoot!!!!!!!! My FAVOURITE SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!! So now I have no pretty green scissors for school L Well…. Ya dat’s about it… hmmm… what else… hmmmm ya soo ya dats about it…. So there is no fog now… ya bii!!!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀


Bubba Gump Shrimp, here we come.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, October 24, 2009

HELLO PEOPLES!! Well we took like a half hour just to walk through the airport finding the customs people and everything, AND WE DIDN’T EVEN GET A TIMMIES!!!!!! JUST A STUPID STARBUCKS!! But I just found out that my Mp3 is in my jacket… which is in my suitcase… which is on the airplane… So that means no music all day!!!!! WAAAH! But ya… hmm well not much has happened because well it’s only 7:05, so we’ve only been up for like 3 hours… hmmmm ya the sandwich at starbucks was not good at all. It was all dry and I was like WHAT THE HECK! THIS IS DRY! And the banana bread was REALLY sweet… too sweet…. Oddly sweet… Well ya… still don’t have my scissors back… Don’t think I’ll ever have them back again… L But ya… so that’s it so far… Oh and today I’m in charge of the camera! So expect awesomeness from the pictures today!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

PS. All thy messages shall therefore be in bold… As this shall therefore increase visibility…

Translation: My messages from now on will be in bold to increase visibility.

TIS now 1:19 and we have been in the US for over an hour and a half. Let’s tell a little story, shall we?:

So we got off the plane and decided that we should find our gate before we get lunch. So we find out our gate number (which was gate G17 by the way) and we see the signs saying Gates CDG so we follow the sign and while we’re walking we see a giant SNOOPY statue! So we’re like “After lunch we come back and take a picture and then we go on the plane.” So we keep on walking, following the signs… we walk for another ten minutes… we are still following the signs… Gate G 2-10… another 10 minutes… Gate G 10-22. So we follow it.. another five minutes before we get there. So we think let’s find a fast food restaurant to eat… there are two in the area… Out of like 50. Then we hit a wall… we are on the complete opposite side of the airport… 10 mins until we have to board… WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO TAKE THE PICTURE OF SNOOPY!!!! And the Quiznos we got food from wasn’t very good… THE TURKEY WAS SLIMEY!!!! But hey… like 3 hours till we’re in Orlando… BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP, HERE WE COME!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

PS. Tis now 1:32

Okay, so Jessica has so eloquently taken care of the above incidents of the day that I will fill in the blanks with a few other things. While we were waiting to board the plane in Edmonton this family came along with three kids: a teenager and two toddlers. Of the toddlers the little girl was maybe three or four years old and the little boy was maybe two or three years old. Well, this little boy was the cutest thing ever! He was stocky with a round face and big eyes and just solid. He was walking around and pulling his own little suitcase and pulling the handle up and down and he was just adorable. Just before the family left to board their plane the little girl was playing with him and out of nowhere started hugging and kissing the little boy. He just took it stoically and then kept about his business. And then as they family called him to come along he pushed the handle on his suitcase down and his dad asked if he wanted him to take his suitcase for him and he just said, short and sweet, ‘Yeah.’ All four of us were giggling by this point enjoying the show, as were a few of our neighbours. It made my day to that point.

Leave it to the little kids to continue making my day. On the plane from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Orlando we were sitting behind another couple of kids: a six-ish year old girl and a three or four year old boy.  They were travelling with their grandparents. All through the flight their grandmother (a really young grandmother, I must say!) was talking with them about Disney World and the little boy was so articulate it was just adorable. Near the end of the flight there was this wonderful conversation about candy that went something like this:

Grandmother:  “How about I hold your candy for you.”

Boy: “No it’s my candy. It’s for me and mom and dad.”

Grandfather: “How about I hold your candy for you?”

Boy: “No! You’d eat it!”

Grandfather: “No, I wouldn’t.”

Boy: “ Yes, you would. Look at your belly!”

Well, Jessica and I couldn’t help laughing out loud at that one. Again, the little boy made our day.

So we get off the plane in Orlando and we’re just psyched that we’re finally there. We’re walking through the terminal (another long walk) to the baggage claim area and all of a sudden Dan starts laughing (where’s the camera when you need to catch a guy with a smile!) and he points out the iPod vending  machine. Yes, that’s right. An iPod vending machine. It had cell phones, GPS, iPods, you name it. We’re uploading a photo here. We got a kick out of that.

On our shuttle from the airport to our hotel Dan and I were observing the scenery and, just as I was thinking the same thing, Dan mentioned how Orlando could easily be compared to Montreal. Except for the palm trees. And the satellite dishes that point straight up instead of to the side.

After we checked in to our hotel we left immediately for Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant. Getting there involved going through security at Universal Studios, which almost stumped us. You’d think we got through US Customs without any trouble whatsoever that getting into Universal Studios Citywalk wouldn’t be a problem. Apparently they have a rule about no obscene or swear-laden material in Universal Studios. Apparently the kids (both kids) Ragged Ass Road shirts were almost enough to keep us from getting into Universal Studios Citywalk. We had to explain that the shirts referred to an existing road in our home town. The head security guard came by, took one look at the shirts, covered a smirk, and told us to go ahead. Huh.

And finally, at Bubba Gump Shrimp we got the coolest stuff, including some blinky plastic glasses.

That’s really about it for today. Universal parks are on the schedule for tomorrow.


Universal, Emeril’s, Blue Man Group…

Orlando, Florida, United States
Sunday, October 25, 2009

HELLO! Well today we went to Universal Studios, and well it was AWESOME!! We went to the Blue Man Group, and well it was AWESOME!!! It was soo funny! But the day started off with me feeling like a dork not being able to understand people when they were speaking Spanish… and the breakfast wasn’t the best… But the first ride we went on was Shrek 4-d… not my favourite. Then we went to the Simpsons ride, SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! THE BEST ONE WE WENT TO! Then we went on the Jaws Ride… it was OKAY but… ehh. The last one at that one park was the MIB ride. That one was really fun! Very spinny. Then we went to the other park, And I convinced my brother, mom and myself to go on the log ride… oh and did I mention it had the steepest water drop ever made… ugh, Mum will tell the story when I’m done writing. After the log ride we went to Emirils Restaurant, IT WAS SOO GOOD! RIB EYE DELICIOUS! BAKED POTATO DELICIOUS! I got gifts for Maggie, Sonia, Monique, Jessie, and Sydney… although I might keep Sydney’s gift and get her something else… IT’S SOO SOFT! By the way, WE SAW LITTLE GECKOS! THEY WERE SOOO CUTE! AND WE SAW BAMBOO.

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

So I’ll let mum tell you about the log ride now:

Okay. I’m tired. Whew. Where to begin. Well, we walked to Universal this morning. It was a nice 20 minute walk and Jarod was quick to spot a few creatures on the way, including birds we think were probably Golden eagles, and geckos. Dan was quick to point out the incredibly tall bamboo just inside the driveway to Universal. We never did get around to using the water taxis we saw though.

Universal Orlando can be done in one day, but would be better in two days. We went first to Universal Studios park. I would direct Martin at this point to take a look at our photos and then pay up when I see him at Christmas. You know what I mean, Brother.

Our first ride was on Shrek 4-D, which was a pretty cool virtual ride with special effects you can feel. Think feeling Donkey sneeze wetly on you.

I’m posting a cool picture of Dan with the original Millenium Falcon. How many of you know what I’m talking about on this one? A hint: we had lunch at Mel’s Diner.

After lunch we made our way to The Simpson’s ride. In case Jessica wasn’t clear enough above: BEST RIDE EVER! If we had had two days we would have done this ride at least once more. It was a virtual roller coaster better than I’ve ever been on before. Leaving this ride we happened upon Homer posing for pictures with people. Jarod almost didn’t get this picture when Homer saw what shirt Jarod was wearing (Stewie from Family Guy saying ‘You are under my control’).

This ride was followed by Jaws and MIB. Jaws was an okay ride. The driver was entertaining doing her part, but the ride itself was pretty tame. If memory serves me, I believe the Universal Hollywood Jaws ride was way better. Of course, that was 28 years ago, so I might be combining two different rides in my head. Anyway, MIB was better fun and involved shooting at bad aliens and trying to shoot at other cars to make them spin. Someone kept nailing us, so I was pretty dizzy by the time we were done. I’m pretty sure Jessica got high score for our group, but being so dizzy from the spinning I could be wrong.

It got hot and humid today, but was bearable and cooled off fairly quickly in the evening. Dan and I both agree it came nowhere near the heat and humidity we got in Montreal in July a few years ago. Anyway, we took a break after MIB. Don’t bother getting the pretzels there; they’re kind of dry and way too salty.

We decided we’d better get over to Islands of Adventure at this point or we wouldn’t be able to get there at all. As it was we still had time for only one ride. Yes, that would be the Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls (the log ride). When we read the description of this ride we were all interested in doing this ride. Then we got a look at ‘one of the steepest water drops ever created’ and started to think twice about it. We watched it a few times and then Jessica said she would go on if someone went with her. Jarod agreed to go when I conceded I would go too. But we all agreed Dan should not go on this until we knew what it was really like. So we handed all our stuff to Dan and he stayed to watch. By the time we got in to the ride itself I was getting a little apprehensive, but a promise was a promise. Jarod was nervous too, but stuck it out. Apparently it didn’t hit Jessica what we were doing until she sat in the front seat of the log. As soon as I sat down I couldn’t help reminding Jessica this was her idea. As the log started moving she turned around to look at me and her face was completely terrified with a the look of “oh, my God, what have I done?” Yeah, ‘apprehensive’ didn’t describe the look on Jessica’s face. So I laughed and told the kids, no worries, it has to be better than the Vancouver ride! That one was just a nightmare. So we go through this ride, turning here, turning there, down a hill in the dark, up the hill in the dark, turning again, turning again, down another hill, up another hill, getting wet the whole way, and then we start climbing the BIG hill and we know we’ve gotten to the really worrisome part. Jessica is sitting hunched up in the front seat, Jarod’s between us and too short to really hunch down any further, and I’m just holding on for dear life and laughing hysterically. We get to the top of the hill go a short distance and then pause ever so briefly at the top of ‘one of the steepest water drops ever created.’ Now, I don’t know what Jessica was seeing at the front of the log, but that could be because that was the point I closed my eyes. A mere moment after that I began screaming as the log began to fall, after which I quickly lost my breath. We were not yet at the bottom when this happened. There was still enough of a drop left for my stomach to fall some more. Apparently Jarod screamed his way down this drop as well, but I honestly couldn’t hear him over my own screaming. By the time we came around to the exit I was laughing hysterically again and totally pumped. We got out of that log ride and even though we were terrified going through it the first time we all agreed we would totally do that ride again! Once we’d been through it we wanted to do it again. However, we still agreed Dan should not go on that ride. At least not at the end of a long day like we’d just had. Just to play it safe.

Unfortunately, we did not have any further time to do this ride or any other ride as we were due at Emeril’s for supper before too long. So we headed over there. And believe me when I say the meals we ate were totally worth the extensive dollars we paid for them!

After Emeril’s was Blue Man Group. What a great show! It was so much fun. Totally recommend seeing them if you get a chance.

By this point we were getting tired, but Jessica convinced us to get some dessert, so we stopped in at Bubba Gump Shrimp for the dessert we were too full to have last night. Jessica and I shared the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae while Dan and Jarod shared the Alabama Mud Pie. Well, they were both delicious, but the mud pie was probably three times bigger than the photo implied. They didn’t get around to finishing it.

So that was our day two and even Jarod said he would have no problem writing his journal entry for school today. Take care and we’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow!



Never in your life…
would I ever go on a log ride that left my tummy at the top and my body at the bottom! Sounds like you’re all having ‘fun’! Liza says she’d be joining Dan and I at the bottom of the ride – someone has to hold the cameras after all!

Have fun!
Memere and Zoe From Zoe Raemer, on Oct 27, 2009 at 12:38PM

haha that log ride seems like so much fun! poor jessie 🙂 From Sonia, on Nov 11, 2009 at 07:59PM

Mission Launched

Orlando, Florida, United States
Monday, October 26, 2009

Mission Launched!!!
Day Four

Today was our day to move to Disney World. Our Ace Luxury driver was really nice and talkative. We took advantage of early check in at Port Orleans Riverside, had our luggage stored, and took off straight to Epcot by bus. Of course when we got there one of our children almost didn’t make it through security again. We all neglected to make note of Jarod’s new bag bearing the Universal Studios logo. At security they check everyone’s bags. The security guard said nothing, but indicated with his facial expressions his ‘displeasure’ with the Universal logo getting past security. Of course I apparently didn’t do it right either when I tried to let him look in my bag while it was still around my neck. I actually got a verbal reprimand for not taking it off.

On the way to our first stop Jessica was going to stand in line to get Daisy’s autograph and photograph only to realize we forgot to bring pens. By the time we purchased a pen Daisy was gone. Our first stop (none of this was planned, by the way) was to get the Fast Pass for Soarin’, after which we went to see Figment at the Imagine pavilion. That show starred Eric Idle as the Professor, which seemed promising, but it really wasn’t quite up to our expectations. It was only mildly entertaining. We then moved on to see Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, starring Rick Moranis and the cast from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movies. This was slightly more entertaining than Figment. It was a 4-D experience that included physical special effects, like ‘feeling’ the mice scurrying under our feet and the dog sneezing on us.

We went for lunch at Le Cellier at the Canada pavilion at World Showcase. It was modeled after the Chateaux Frontenac in Montreal. We sat in the Alberta section. The meal was really excellent, the staff was all Canadian and provided excellent service, and we even met our local Yellowknife representative, Jessica. That was pretty cool.

We’re really starting to wonder about Florida’s obsession with turkey legs, though. Both at Universal Studios and here at Disney they sell turkey legs for snacks. And they’re not small turkey legs, either! Their Flintstones huge! Any thoughts on this? Dan swears he’s going to try one before we leave. I’ll let you know how that goes.

The best ride of the day was next, Soarin’. This was a simulated hang-gliding experience over California. The coolest part was when we could smell the oranges flying over the orchard!

We wandered to the other side of the park, stopping along the way to do some shopping and cooling off in the stores as the weather was the hottest and muggiest day yet. During this time we caught Chip and Dale signing autographs, so Jessica and Dan got in line for their signatures and a photo only for them to ditch the fans before Jessica could get to them. Her heart was broken. Too broken to consider waiting around for them. She did understand, however, that the cast members were probably suffering from heatstroke.

Our goal in this walk across the park was the Mission: Space ride. We chose the ‘lite’ version of this as there were several warnings that the regular ride was ‘intense’ and figured it would be safer to try the lite version first. It was pretty cool flying to mars in the simulator, but we were all pretty much in agreement that we’d probably be okay in the intense ride. However, at this point I was feeling a little heatstroke myself and the rest of the family didn’t seem to want to go on without me, so we moved on to the next ride.

Which was the Universe of Energy and involved a slow ride through Ellen Degeneres’s dream about where energy comes from and how it is used. It was a funny story, but only an okay ride with not bad animatronics and a dinosaur that drooled on Jessica. There was also an animatronic Ellen, probably the only one in existence.

From there we mosied over to Space Ship Earth, which was actually pretty cool. It was a slow ride from the past into the future and included some computer graphics we got to play with. It took our pictures in the car and superimposed our faces onto cartoons about the future. The animatronics in this ride were absolutely spectacular! Their movements and costumes were totally believable and natural looking. At the end we got out of the cars and got to play with futuristic type games before leaving. It was pretty fun.

Then we decided to walk around World Showcase and sample some of the foods being featured for the food and wine festival that is taking place. We were getting pretty tired by this point, though, so we didn’t end up trying very much and decided to just finish walking the showcase and go back to our hotel. We ate a little bit at the food court, went to our room, got our luggage and groceries delivered, unpacked, wrote this little ditty, and went to bed somewhat earlier than previous nights. All in all a rather slow day, but we needed a slower day today anyway with all the excitement so far. Time for me to sign off and let Jessica type her entry. She’s been hovering over me for a few paragraphs now. Later!


HELLO Peoples! From now on I will be calling my part of the blog Juice’s Corner. So let me begin:

Well I got an Autograph book today. And within the first like 10 mins I saw Daisy… BUT I HAD NO PEN! So I couldn’t get her autograph. Then I saw Chip and Dale! But they bailed on me! Selfish, selfish, selfish. So the first ride we went on was the Soarin thing, IT WAS SOO FUN! It was like we were flying! The rest of the rides were okay, but Mission Space was REALLY FUN! And I got more gifts today, I wanted to get myself this AWESOME Minnie Mouse Sweater, but it was like 50$! Dude! What the heck! So instead I got an AWESOME Goofy Watch… by the way, according to my Goofy Watch it is 11:14. And I also got a Mickey Bag, It is awesome if I do say so myself. Oh and by the way, Sydney’s Gift is not Sydney’s gift anymore… too cute and soft, so I got her something else… This one is not soft… But Really cute… I think… can’t really remember what it is… it’s still downstairs in the general store. Oh and I got a Goofy hat! Only 20$!! At the round the world food festival thing I had a perogie… 1 perogie for 4$…  RIP! So I had some breadsticks from the food court at my hotel… THEY WERE THE BEST EVER!!! Logging off Juice’s Corner… NOW!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

PS Monique I hope you get the Juice’s Corner joke… If not, here’s a hint “I will puke down your back”
PPS Today I published the blog entry 🙂


I can’t believe…
that Jessica, you went to a WORLD food festival and ordered a perogie?!! Why not a samosa, a pad thai, an empanada or at the very least a little Iron Chef worthy morsel. No..she has a perogie. I am desolate.
On the other hand sounds like you all had a lot of fun on the rides. I think I would really like to try the soaring ride.
And since Sydney’s gift sounds so cool and is no longer hers anyway…can I have it?
And next time those *@+& chipmunks bail on you, trip ’em!
Just kidding… have lots of fun.
Love Liza & Zoe
(PS if you really want a picture with a couple chipmunks, just come over here when you get home. Zoe and I are both short and cute!)
Love From Zoe Raemer, on Oct 28, 2009 at 01:46AM

Re: I can’t believe…
After ‘Iron Chef of YK’ how could you possibly expect her to be interested in any other so called ‘worldly’ food. She’s already had the best, that you guys all made!


PS: One of you is definitely cuter than the other in how she trys to steal the glory. Ain’t naming names though… (shorter too I’d say)

From rick.james, on Oct 28, 2009 at 09:04PM

I know, the security is so tight to get in the parks. Frank and I hate to wait in long line ups most mornings to get in??? From micheline1234, on Oct 30, 2009 at 09:25PM

Tower of Terror? Ha!

Orlando, Florida, United States
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Juice’s Corner:
HELLO peoples!! Well today we went to Hollywood Studios. IT WAS FUNNN! The first thing we went on was the tower of terror, and to all you peoples who said it was bad YOU WERE WRONG! IT WAS THE FUNNEST RIDE EVER!!! But I couldn’t ride it twice because it got late… But the second ride we went to the Indiana Jones stunt show thing, and it was good and funny! Then we went on the flight simulator for star wars, THAT ONE SUCKED! IT WAS SO MUCH LIKE JUST A NORMAL PLANE RIDE THAT I GOT CAR SICK! WHAT THE HECK! Then we went to the back lot tour and that was VERY interesting. Then we went to the Car chase stunt show thing… Ehhhh not my thing. IT WAS SOO REPETITIVE! IT WAS JUST DRIVE THIS WAY… DRIVE THAT WAY… But the jumps were cool! Then we had supper. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! MUSHROOM AND GOAT CHEESE RAVIOLI! MMMM! THEN I HAD CHEESE CAKE DESSERT! YUM! After the supper, we went to the Muppet Show 3-D IT WAS FUNNNY! After that we had just enough time to get to the Fantasmic… IT WAS SOO COOL! THEY HAD MIST SPRAYING UP LIKE A SCREEN AND PROJECTED LITTLE CLIPS ON IT! WOOO! SUPER FUN! Once again no autographs L But tomorrow we are going to Magic Kingdom and we are going to CINDERELLAS DINNER CASTLE THING! Kewl… So ya, that’s about it… bii! Loggin off of Juice’s Corner… NOW

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

Well, Jessica summed things up pretty well. We were up around 9:00 this morning and had to do laundry before we could leave for Hollywood Studios, so we didn’t get there until about 11:30. Jessica and I had agreed that we should get the Tower of Terror out of the way before going for lunch. While waiting in line we talked to these two young girls (maybe eight or nine years old) and their mother. It turns out they have been on the ride repeatedly and they were very encouraging for us first timers. So we go on this ride expecting the worst (thanks to Micheline and Cheryl who swear they will NEVER go on this ride again). We sit down and buckle in and Jessica immediately grabs my arm. So I offer her my hand to hold instead and she actually takes it. This is how nervous she is. The ride starts and we go up and see the apparitions and then the doors close and it goes dark. Then all of a sudden we’re flying up! Then all of a sudden we’re dropping down! Then the doors open and we go forward through a Twilight Zone hallway and then we stop and everything goes dark again. Then all of a sudden we drop, and then fly up and we can see outside the top of the building but before we can actually identify anything we’re dropping and dropping and dropping! Yes, there was screaming from one of us and Lamaze-type breathing from the other one of us (you figure out which). Then we stop and I figure there’s no way we’re done because that would be too easy. I was wrong! It was actually over and I’m thinking, what? That’s it? That can’t be it, I can handle more than that! Well we got off and Jessica was ecstatic and I was trying to sort out my feelings when the two young girls came running up to us to see how we liked it. They were just as excited as before and I had to tell them I actually liked it but would need a little break before I could do it again.

We then moved on to the Indiana Jones show, which was, as Jessica stated, interesting and funny. It was a really good show worth watching. Then we went to Star Tours, which I totally expected to be something much more elaborate and like a thrill ride, but was disappointingly boring. I hate saying that being a Star Wars fan and all. Jarod, however, loved it.

Next came the Back Lot Tour, which had a fun show involving torpedoes and straffing machine gun fire before the tram tour. The tram portion included a demonstration of water destruction through a canyon with exploding gasoline trucks and an earthquake under the tram. It was entertaining. We followed this tour up with the Lights, Motors, Action show, which was a stunt driving demonstration. It was Jarod’s overall favorite show of the day. I found it entertaining, too, but Jessica was pretty bored with it. Oh, well, we all have to make sacrifices.

Lights, Motor, Action let out just in time for us to walk in to our reservation at Mama Melrose’s restaurant. Nice Italian place with good service and really good food. The pasta was fresh made and the sauces were really good. Jessica obviously loved her ravioli, while Dan had an Italian sausage pasta dish, I had a shellfish pasta dish, and Jarod managed to get a plain old cheese pizza. Of course, being on the Dining Plan we also got to have dessert, which was really tasty: Dan and Jarod had what we would call Chocolate Lava Cake, Jessica had a Hazelnut Cheesecake, and I had a lemon custard with strawberries and raspberries. Mmmmm.

Next was the Muppet 3-D Movie, which actually turned out to be 4-D as they had real bubbles falling from the ceiling, water spraying on us, the old guys puppets in the balcony, the Swedish Chef running the projector (and firing cannons at one point), the big harry monster (I forget his name, but it’s not Dan), and Beanie Bunny in the other balcony. This was a typically funny Muppet Show episode and really quite entertaining.

We got out of that with just enough time to get to Fantasmic, which really was a good show, although not quite what I expected. I thought there would be more fireworks, but it was more about mini-clips shown on backgrounds of mist and characters playing out scenes. It was really entertaining and fun to watch.

Overall a fun if not exciting day that ended early enough that we had time to wind down before going to sleep. The humidity was really high today, so Jessica and I felt the need to have a shower to wash off the perspiration from the day. We’re nice and relaxed now, so I’ll sign off and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day at Magic Kingdom.


Big Hairy Monster, not Dan…

Ouch so mean!! I’m still gonna be laughing at that one tomorrow though. From rick.james, on Oct 28, 2009 at 09:12PM

Yes this parade is awesome! However just a note, the fireworks are only on certain nights, ask your hotel. From micheline1234, on Oct 30, 2009 at 09:28PM


Orlando, Florida, United States
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Juice’s Corner

GUESS what! After 2 days of characters bailing on me, I finally got some autographs! At the beginning of the day I saw Pluto and Chip N Dale in this sort of circle of trees, and after the HORRIBLE DITCHING from Chip N Dale, I decided to go to Pluto. So I stood in line for like a half hour and I got his AUTOGRAPH! Then later… at three or sumthing like that, we went to the Judges Tent to see Mickey and Minnie, We got pictures with them and their autographs! Then we went to Cinderella’s Castle and I got a picture with her and Mum. We turned out Shiny caus it was SOOOO HUMID AND SWEATY OUTSIDE! I ALSO GOT HER AUTOGRAPH!

Well now about the rest of the day, our first ride was the log ride. IT WAS SUPER FUN! We even went on it once more. Then our second ride was the Pirates of the carribean. That one wasn’t the best, I was hoping It would be a thrill ride. Then right after that we went on the Aladdin ride. That was pretty fun. After that we went to the haunted Mansion… not very fun… kinda boring. Then we went on the Peter Pan Flight… it was kewl, we got to fly over London.  Then we went on the Stitches Great Escape… Oi. IT HURT! The restraints pressed down on your shoulders soo hard! GAA! After that we went to the Buzz light years space ranger spin. My gun locked up a quarter of a way through. But after that we went on the space orbit ride thing… I thought I was supposed to sit with dad, so we JAMMED in… not comfy. Then we went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh floor thing. IT WAS REALLY FUNNY! Then we went to supper, and we caught the Wishes fireworks display, but it was blocked by the castle… BOO. Anyway dats about it… I think…. Hmmm… ya. Okay ya logging off Juice’s Corner Now.

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

Hello, everyone. Today was a long day, but we once again managed to have fun. Go figure. We went to the Magic Kingdom today and Dan was happy because not only did we get to ride the monorail to get there but we also took the train to get to our first ride. And that first ride was Splash Mountain, which, as Jessica has already pointed out, we managed to ride twice because it was so fun for all of us. We followed that up with Pirates of the Caribbean, which was just a boat ride, but the scenes were pretty great craftsmanship. Next came Magic Carpets of Aladdin, which was pretty much a kiddie ride, but managed to go high enough fast enough and the kids got to control the height and angle of the ‘carpet’. From there we moved on to lunch, followed by The Haunted Mansion. That was a fun if not terribly scary ride. I think Jessica was bored though. Dan and I really enjoyed the special effects, especially in the dining room. Peter Pan’s flight was next. It wasn’t as interactive as I thought it would be, but it was still a fun ride through the skies from Wendy’s home to Neverland. Both Dan and I also found the ‘flight’ over London pretty impressive. Stitches’ Great Escape was not remotely as entertaining as we thought it would be and was a real disappointment. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin was a fun laser gun ride, although the scorekeeping was kind of screwy. We’re not sure what happened there. And the Astral Orbit  was very cool, if short, although as Jessica mentioned her and Dan should have taken individual rockets. Finally we got to our supper reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle, which was again a wonderful meal. This time we were allowed to get appetizers on our dining plan. Jess and Dan both got the BLT salad and pork chops, while Jarod got the roast chicken with mashed potatoes and I got the salmon and crab cakes and the lamp chops with potatoes gratin. For dessert Jarod got the ice cream sundae while Dan got the Crème Brulee and Jess and I got the chocolate cheesecake cake (cheesecake was in the centre of a dark chocolate cake with icing). It was so yummy. There was also a show put on by Fairy Godmother and two of Cinderella’s mice, for which the kids each got an autographed card. Jarod even got a kiss from each of the lady mice. Too bad we missed getting a photo of that. Jess and I did get a photo with Cinderella though, although I kind of look trapped. Hard to explain and I only have printed photos, no digitals, so I can’t post it right now. We finished off the night watching the end of the parade and sticking around to watch the Wishes fireworks. Unfortunately we ended up sitting WAY too close to Cinderella’s castle and did not get the full effect. However, it was impressive from whichever corner you saw it when Tinkerbell zip-lined from the top of Cinderella’s Castle to somewhere in Tomorrow Land. Oh, well. Next time we’ll do better. So that’s about it this time around. Still having a great time. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and Cirque du Soleil.


Global Warming is Alive and Well in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, United States
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, today was a relatively short day, even though it was still 10:00 p.m. before we got back to our hotel room. We slept in a little bit before heading out to Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was to pick up a new hat for Dan because he really wanted to get one. Then the girls and boys split up for the first half hour or so. Dan and Jarod took a walk through the Oasis, which was a kind of wild animal zoo with things like anteaters and pig-deer and turtles and birds and womprats and swamp wallabees and iguanas… Jarod took plenty of pictures there, it was right up his alley. While they were there Jessica and I went to see It’s Tough to be a Bug, a 4-D interactive show where we got ‘stung’ by wasps, harassed by spiders, and crawled over by other bugs. It managed to get a surprised scream from Jessica and was actually pretty entertaining. We both agreed it was no place for Jarod and we were wise to let the boys do their own thing for this.

After a snack we went to the Kali River Rapids. As it was hot out today rather than very muggy, so we were looking forward to a good soaking. While it was a fun, but short, ride we ended up sitting on the wrong side of the raft and barely got wet at all while the people sitting directly across from us got completely soaked. Therefore we were quick to get a Fast Pass for another ride. While waiting for that we walked across to Africa and went on a safari. That was pretty cool and we saw plenty of wildlife, although it was difficult taking pictures while the truck drove over the bumpy road. Jessica mentioned afterwards she was too scared Jarod was going to drop his camera as he did not put his wrist guard on it that she missed quite a bit on the ride. Once off this ride we went directly to the Kali River ride and this time not only did we get on faster because of the Fast Pass but we also managed to sit in the right spot to get completely soaked! We all felt much better after that.

After lunch we split up again with the boys going to Dino-Land and the girls going to Camp Minnie-Mickey for autographs and photos. As Jessica describes below, she finally got her photo and autograph with Goofy, along with a few others. In the meantime, the boys went on the Dinosaur ride, which Jarod says was really fast and a lot of fun but too loud. Apparently the photo they took during the ride was of Jarod covering his ears. By the time the girls caught up with them they were coming off the Primeval Whirls, which was a short roller coaster type thing with teacup style cars that twirled around the corners. They went on this ride a second time with us and I have to admit that although I don’t normally like spinning rides this one was a lot of fun.

By this time some of us were getting pretty tired from the high heat, so we decided to leave by bus to Downtown Disney. We actually had to take the bus to Port Orleans French Quarter and then we hopped on the water taxi the rest of the way to Downtown Disney. Once there we hopped to another water taxi to get to the Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend catching Cirque du Soleil whenever you can. The choreography and talents are spectacular and take a tremendous amount of practice and trust in each other to pull off. Really totally worth seeing.

Supper was at Planet Hollywood, which was okay, good service, good food, but way too loud. We took the water taxi back to our hotel again, which was a nice leisurely ride on the river. Tomorrow is Blizzard Beach.

Adelle J

Juice’s Corner

TEEHEE! Guess what! Today I finally got my goal autograph! I FINALLY found Goofy! Today was actually a pretty good autograph day. I got Lilo and Stitch first when I went to Camp Minnie-Mickey. Then after that I saw Pocahontas, THEN I GOT GOOFY! After that I decided to go see Donald Duck. Later when mom and I were trying to find Jarod and Dad, we saw Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger… Tigger kinda stole the show.

Anyway, when we first got to Animal Kingdom, we went to the first giftshop and saw these Monkeys. AND GUESS WHAT SONIA! WE FINALLY ARE ABLE TO GIVE YOU A REPLACEMENT MONKEY! Anyway, we went on the It’s tough to be a bug… FREAKY!! We also went on a roller coaster thing… DAT WAS FUN! OOOO AND SOO WAS THE RIVER RAFT THING! Soo ya dats about it… O wait! WE WENT TO CIRQUE DE SOLEIL! IT WAS SOOO KEWL!  So ya… dats it… ya okay.. bi logging off of Juice’s Corner NOW!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀


Snow for Halloween
Okay muggy sweaty people, just so you know…it’s snowy here (though not too cold)and it appears that the little trick or treaters won’t have to wear 8 thousand layers. What are you guys doing – going out to a party or something?

And hey it appears your meals are getting way closer to IRON CHEF ZOE approval ratings! Enjoy the next adventure…

Zoe and Memere From Zoe Raemer, on Oct 31, 2009 at 01:34AM

Water. Sliding. Meteor. Showering. Movie. Watching

Orlando, Florida, United States
Friday, October 30, 2009

This is going to be a fairly short blog today. We went to Blizzard Beach, which was quite a bit busier than it normally would have been due to Typhoon Lagoon being shut down due to technical difficulties. Therefore, we did not have as much time to do as many rides as we would have liked. What we did do was fun enough though and after a brief stop at the hotel we went on to have dinner at T-Rex Dinosaur Restaurant in Downtown Disney. Although it was noisy and extraordinarily busy it was pretty cool with lots of animatronics dinosaurs all over the place and a simulated meteor shower. Jessica loved her lasagna, Dan enjoyed his fish and chips, Jarod was happy with his mini-corn dogs, and I found my parmesan shrimp and fettucini extremely tasty. From there we went to catch a movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3-D, which was so hilarious we spent the entire trip back to our hotel quoting our favourite lines from the movie, which were extensive.


Juice’s Corner

REALLY fun today! We went to Blizzard beach, but it was REALLY busy because Typhoon Lagoon was down. We waited a half hour to go on the raft ride… not worth the wait. Then we also went on the River rafting thing. I LOVED THAT ONE! Very relaxing with a touch of raceness. Ya.. after that we went to T-Rex in Downtown Disney. That was really cool! LOTS of animatronics. My lasagna was DELICIOUS! MMMMMMM!!! And so was the smoothie! YUMM! Then we went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3-D… not very 3-D…. BUT SUPER FUNNY! Well I had already seen it, but STILL! It’s a LOL movie! (Laugh Out Loud… just in case you didn’t know) BUT STILL! YA… BY the way… to anybody at Willie Mac, how was the sock hop?? Oh and also… I AM BEING GOOFY FOR HALLOWEEN! YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT, BUT STILL! I’LL UPLOAD A PICTURE LATER! SEE YAA! Logging off of Juice’s Corner NOW



Erich would of loved that restaurant! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. :O) Have a fun cruise. From aandmgaudet, on Nov 1, 2009 at 09:01PM



Orlando, Florida, United States
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello, everyone. Today was a pretty laid back day that began with a load of laundry and a swim in the pool. Then after lunch we spent the afternoon at Disneyquest, which is a five-story arcade. One entry fee and everything except the food was paid for. We could play as many of the games as many times as we wanted to. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it was something I ate or just the humidity level in the place, but I got pretty nauseated near the end of the afternoon and felt pretty miserable for about 45 minutes. As with any arcade, it was really noisy in there, but we managed to find a couple of favourite games. For Jess it was the human pinball game. For me it was Champion Bass Fishing, of all games. For Jarod and Dan it was a speed boat racing game.

At about 5:30 we left to meet Mom and Andy at the hotel. They arrived without any problems and, although tired from the long day of travelling, were in good spirits. We got them checked in to their room and took them for supper at the Boatright Dining Hall. As usual, excellent food and service. Pretty tired now and gotta still finish packing as much as we can tonight before we take off for the cruise ship tomorrow.

G’night, all!

Juice’s Corner
HELLO peoples! Well today I got to SLEEP IN! I was happy, but the housekeeping kinda got frustrated with me caus she couldn’t clean the room while I was in it. ANYWAY, today when I finally got up, we went to the pool by the laundry place and did the laundry and Dad and Jarod went in the pool.I was too tired… still only got like 10 hours of sleep… (ONLY ha). Well later we went to Disneyquest (an arcade) VERY loud. But was still fun… Not nearly ACed enough… nearly had a heat stroke in my goofy costume… By the way… WE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? So after the 6 hours of sweating in a turtleneck, we went back to the hotel to wait for Grandma Clair and Andy. Did not take very long… yet we didn’t get to supper until 8. But Grandma Clair bought me a Goofy plushy! And now I am writing the blog… Well iz getting a little late… ha me saying its getting late.. IT’S HALLOWEEN! AND IT’S ONLY 9 IN YELLOWKNIFE! Geez… Anyway… going on the cruise tomorrow… 😀 O and I got a little tigger pen for sonia.. caus well her gifts aren’t very destuingishable as Disney or Universal… I think I have everybodies gift now… And if you don’t get a gift… I’m sorry, but I’m not made of Money… or time… So I’M SORRY! DON’T GET MAD AT ME! Anyway. Seeya soon… Loggin off of Juice’s Corner Now
Juiceness/Jessica 😀