Global Warming is Alive and Well in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, United States
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, today was a relatively short day, even though it was still 10:00 p.m. before we got back to our hotel room. We slept in a little bit before heading out to Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was to pick up a new hat for Dan because he really wanted to get one. Then the girls and boys split up for the first half hour or so. Dan and Jarod took a walk through the Oasis, which was a kind of wild animal zoo with things like anteaters and pig-deer and turtles and birds and womprats and swamp wallabees and iguanas… Jarod took plenty of pictures there, it was right up his alley. While they were there Jessica and I went to see It’s Tough to be a Bug, a 4-D interactive show where we got ‘stung’ by wasps, harassed by spiders, and crawled over by other bugs. It managed to get a surprised scream from Jessica and was actually pretty entertaining. We both agreed it was no place for Jarod and we were wise to let the boys do their own thing for this.

After a snack we went to the Kali River Rapids. As it was hot out today rather than very muggy, so we were looking forward to a good soaking. While it was a fun, but short, ride we ended up sitting on the wrong side of the raft and barely got wet at all while the people sitting directly across from us got completely soaked. Therefore we were quick to get a Fast Pass for another ride. While waiting for that we walked across to Africa and went on a safari. That was pretty cool and we saw plenty of wildlife, although it was difficult taking pictures while the truck drove over the bumpy road. Jessica mentioned afterwards she was too scared Jarod was going to drop his camera as he did not put his wrist guard on it that she missed quite a bit on the ride. Once off this ride we went directly to the Kali River ride and this time not only did we get on faster because of the Fast Pass but we also managed to sit in the right spot to get completely soaked! We all felt much better after that.

After lunch we split up again with the boys going to Dino-Land and the girls going to Camp Minnie-Mickey for autographs and photos. As Jessica describes below, she finally got her photo and autograph with Goofy, along with a few others. In the meantime, the boys went on the Dinosaur ride, which Jarod says was really fast and a lot of fun but too loud. Apparently the photo they took during the ride was of Jarod covering his ears. By the time the girls caught up with them they were coming off the Primeval Whirls, which was a short roller coaster type thing with teacup style cars that twirled around the corners. They went on this ride a second time with us and I have to admit that although I don’t normally like spinning rides this one was a lot of fun.

By this time some of us were getting pretty tired from the high heat, so we decided to leave by bus to Downtown Disney. We actually had to take the bus to Port Orleans French Quarter and then we hopped on the water taxi the rest of the way to Downtown Disney. Once there we hopped to another water taxi to get to the Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend catching Cirque du Soleil whenever you can. The choreography and talents are spectacular and take a tremendous amount of practice and trust in each other to pull off. Really totally worth seeing.

Supper was at Planet Hollywood, which was okay, good service, good food, but way too loud. We took the water taxi back to our hotel again, which was a nice leisurely ride on the river. Tomorrow is Blizzard Beach.

Adelle J

Juice’s Corner

TEEHEE! Guess what! Today I finally got my goal autograph! I FINALLY found Goofy! Today was actually a pretty good autograph day. I got Lilo and Stitch first when I went to Camp Minnie-Mickey. Then after that I saw Pocahontas, THEN I GOT GOOFY! After that I decided to go see Donald Duck. Later when mom and I were trying to find Jarod and Dad, we saw Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger… Tigger kinda stole the show.

Anyway, when we first got to Animal Kingdom, we went to the first giftshop and saw these Monkeys. AND GUESS WHAT SONIA! WE FINALLY ARE ABLE TO GIVE YOU A REPLACEMENT MONKEY! Anyway, we went on the It’s tough to be a bug… FREAKY!! We also went on a roller coaster thing… DAT WAS FUN! OOOO AND SOO WAS THE RIVER RAFT THING! Soo ya dats about it… O wait! WE WENT TO CIRQUE DE SOLEIL! IT WAS SOOO KEWL!  So ya… dats it… ya okay.. bi logging off of Juice’s Corner NOW!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀


Snow for Halloween
Okay muggy sweaty people, just so you know…it’s snowy here (though not too cold)and it appears that the little trick or treaters won’t have to wear 8 thousand layers. What are you guys doing – going out to a party or something?

And hey it appears your meals are getting way closer to IRON CHEF ZOE approval ratings! Enjoy the next adventure…

Zoe and Memere From Zoe Raemer, on Oct 31, 2009 at 01:34AM

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