Travel Day Two: Leg Two

October 3, 2020 – approximately 1:00 p.m.

Arrived in Peace River this afternoon. They’re doing construction on the bridge, so traffic was slow getting through town but not a big deal. Stopped for gas at the PetroCan station. The PetroCan station is the first place at the access turn off in an area populated by fast food restaurants, the grocery store, drug store, etcetera. As I was leaving the PetroCan station from the exit nearest the access road I heard a fender-bender happen in the grocery store parking lot across the way. I kept going, didn’t see the “No Entry” sign for the access road I was entering because it was placed further ahead of PetroCan driveway I left from (effectively it was behind me) so I didn’t know I was going the wrong way. That road is actually wide enough for two vehicles to easily pass each other, so it didn’t really register that I might be using it incorrectly until a vehicle that was properly using the access road gave me the two-hands-palms-up-off-the-steering-wheel-what-the-heck-are-you-doing signal. That is of course when I realized I might be going the wrong way on the access road, sheepishly ducked my head into my shoulders, and proceeded to turn back around to go looking for the correct exit road.

I drove through the aforementioned parking lot to get at the exit road on the other side, passing by the vehicles involved in the fender-bender, and proceeded to Dairy Queen for lunch. It was a lovely day, so I ate my meal in the parking lot instead of, you know, where other people were (see, social distancing). Moving on…

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