Disney World and Caribbean Cruise

Hello, everyone! Our family is pretty excited about this trip; it will be the first out-of-country trip for the kids and only the second for Dan. The kids have been waiting impatiently for the first week’s activities while the second week is a birthday present for my mom.

Week one involves the four of us travelling to Disney World in Florida. We’ll be staying at one of the Disney resorts; which one is yet to be determined.

Week two is when we take my mom on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. This is one of Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise ships and judging from the virtual images and details of the ship and ports it should be a lot of fun. They even have a surfing pool on the ship!

September 2009 – All reservations are made and paid for, now we just have to decide how much we really need to bring (not as much as some might think). Jessica has been counting down for months (less than 45 days now). Jarod waffles between interest in going and anxiety about flying. I keep threatening to leave him behind and find another little boy to come in his place. It doesn’t work; he knows I’d never do that. We keep reminding him to think about where we’re going, not how we’re getting there.

The only other thing we have to figure out is what costumes we’re wearing for Halloween. Jessica’s decided on being Goofy, so most of her costume can be purchased relatively cheaply, the vest can sewn super easily, and the Goofy head she wants to get a Goofy hat while we’re at Disney World. Jarod’s decided he wants to be a Clone Trooper, so that was another super easy purchase at Wal-Mart. All he needs now is a weapon, but I’m not convinced that’s either necessary or wise. Which just leaves Dan and I. The kids and I figure Dan should be Hagrid. I’m leaning towards either Merriweather (from Sleeping Beauty) or Fairy Godmother (from Cinderella). But ours are not written in stone yet. Don’t worry; I’m going to try my darndest to take lots of pictures and post them here, so you’ll see us in all our Halloween glory! I still wouldn’t expect to see Dan smiling, though.

We’re at six days and counting. Everyone is getting pretty excited, not that you’d know it talking to Dan. We finally got our family picture taken tonight, as posted, thanks to Rick. What I said earlier about getting Dan to smile for the camera still stands (damn it)!

Interactive Map of Our Itinerary

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