Orlando, Florida, United States
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Juice’s Corner

GUESS what! After 2 days of characters bailing on me, I finally got some autographs! At the beginning of the day I saw Pluto and Chip N Dale in this sort of circle of trees, and after the HORRIBLE DITCHING from Chip N Dale, I decided to go to Pluto. So I stood in line for like a half hour and I got his AUTOGRAPH! Then later… at three or sumthing like that, we went to the Judges Tent to see Mickey and Minnie, We got pictures with them and their autographs! Then we went to Cinderella’s Castle and I got a picture with her and Mum. We turned out Shiny caus it was SOOOO HUMID AND SWEATY OUTSIDE! I ALSO GOT HER AUTOGRAPH!

Well now about the rest of the day, our first ride was the log ride. IT WAS SUPER FUN! We even went on it once more. Then our second ride was the Pirates of the carribean. That one wasn’t the best, I was hoping It would be a thrill ride. Then right after that we went on the Aladdin ride. That was pretty fun. After that we went to the haunted Mansion… not very fun… kinda boring. Then we went on the Peter Pan Flight… it was kewl, we got to fly over London.  Then we went on the Stitches Great Escape… Oi. IT HURT! The restraints pressed down on your shoulders soo hard! GAA! After that we went to the Buzz light years space ranger spin. My gun locked up a quarter of a way through. But after that we went on the space orbit ride thing… I thought I was supposed to sit with dad, so we JAMMED in… not comfy. Then we went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh floor thing. IT WAS REALLY FUNNY! Then we went to supper, and we caught the Wishes fireworks display, but it was blocked by the castle… BOO. Anyway dats about it… I think…. Hmmm… ya. Okay ya logging off Juice’s Corner Now.

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

Hello, everyone. Today was a long day, but we once again managed to have fun. Go figure. We went to the Magic Kingdom today and Dan was happy because not only did we get to ride the monorail to get there but we also took the train to get to our first ride. And that first ride was Splash Mountain, which, as Jessica has already pointed out, we managed to ride twice because it was so fun for all of us. We followed that up with Pirates of the Caribbean, which was just a boat ride, but the scenes were pretty great craftsmanship. Next came Magic Carpets of Aladdin, which was pretty much a kiddie ride, but managed to go high enough fast enough and the kids got to control the height and angle of the ‘carpet’. From there we moved on to lunch, followed by The Haunted Mansion. That was a fun if not terribly scary ride. I think Jessica was bored though. Dan and I really enjoyed the special effects, especially in the dining room. Peter Pan’s flight was next. It wasn’t as interactive as I thought it would be, but it was still a fun ride through the skies from Wendy’s home to Neverland. Both Dan and I also found the ‘flight’ over London pretty impressive. Stitches’ Great Escape was not remotely as entertaining as we thought it would be and was a real disappointment. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin was a fun laser gun ride, although the scorekeeping was kind of screwy. We’re not sure what happened there. And the Astral Orbit  was very cool, if short, although as Jessica mentioned her and Dan should have taken individual rockets. Finally we got to our supper reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle, which was again a wonderful meal. This time we were allowed to get appetizers on our dining plan. Jess and Dan both got the BLT salad and pork chops, while Jarod got the roast chicken with mashed potatoes and I got the salmon and crab cakes and the lamp chops with potatoes gratin. For dessert Jarod got the ice cream sundae while Dan got the Crème Brulee and Jess and I got the chocolate cheesecake cake (cheesecake was in the centre of a dark chocolate cake with icing). It was so yummy. There was also a show put on by Fairy Godmother and two of Cinderella’s mice, for which the kids each got an autographed card. Jarod even got a kiss from each of the lady mice. Too bad we missed getting a photo of that. Jess and I did get a photo with Cinderella though, although I kind of look trapped. Hard to explain and I only have printed photos, no digitals, so I can’t post it right now. We finished off the night watching the end of the parade and sticking around to watch the Wishes fireworks. Unfortunately we ended up sitting WAY too close to Cinderella’s castle and did not get the full effect. However, it was impressive from whichever corner you saw it when Tinkerbell zip-lined from the top of Cinderella’s Castle to somewhere in Tomorrow Land. Oh, well. Next time we’ll do better. So that’s about it this time around. Still having a great time. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and Cirque du Soleil.


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