Orlando, Florida, United States
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello, everyone. Today was a pretty laid back day that began with a load of laundry and a swim in the pool. Then after lunch we spent the afternoon at Disneyquest, which is a five-story arcade. One entry fee and everything except the food was paid for. We could play as many of the games as many times as we wanted to. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it was something I ate or just the humidity level in the place, but I got pretty nauseated near the end of the afternoon and felt pretty miserable for about 45 minutes. As with any arcade, it was really noisy in there, but we managed to find a couple of favourite games. For Jess it was the human pinball game. For me it was Champion Bass Fishing, of all games. For Jarod and Dan it was a speed boat racing game.

At about 5:30 we left to meet Mom and Andy at the hotel. They arrived without any problems and, although tired from the long day of travelling, were in good spirits. We got them checked in to their room and took them for supper at the Boatright Dining Hall. As usual, excellent food and service. Pretty tired now and gotta still finish packing as much as we can tonight before we take off for the cruise ship tomorrow.

G’night, all!

Juice’s Corner
HELLO peoples! Well today I got to SLEEP IN! I was happy, but the housekeeping kinda got frustrated with me caus she couldn’t clean the room while I was in it. ANYWAY, today when I finally got up, we went to the pool by the laundry place and did the laundry and Dad and Jarod went in the pool.I was too tired… still only got like 10 hours of sleep… (ONLY ha). Well later we went to Disneyquest (an arcade) VERY loud. But was still fun… Not nearly ACed enough… nearly had a heat stroke in my goofy costume… By the way… WE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? So after the 6 hours of sweating in a turtleneck, we went back to the hotel to wait for Grandma Clair and Andy. Did not take very long… yet we didn’t get to supper until 8. But Grandma Clair bought me a Goofy plushy! And now I am writing the blog… Well iz getting a little late… ha me saying its getting late.. IT’S HALLOWEEN! AND IT’S ONLY 9 IN YELLOWKNIFE! Geez… Anyway… going on the cruise tomorrow… 😀 O and I got a little tigger pen for sonia.. caus well her gifts aren’t very destuingishable as Disney or Universal… I think I have everybodies gift now… And if you don’t get a gift… I’m sorry, but I’m not made of Money… or time… So I’M SORRY! DON’T GET MAD AT ME! Anyway. Seeya soon… Loggin off of Juice’s Corner Now
Juiceness/Jessica 😀

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