Tower of Terror? Ha!

Orlando, Florida, United States
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Juice’s Corner:
HELLO peoples!! Well today we went to Hollywood Studios. IT WAS FUNNN! The first thing we went on was the tower of terror, and to all you peoples who said it was bad YOU WERE WRONG! IT WAS THE FUNNEST RIDE EVER!!! But I couldn’t ride it twice because it got late… But the second ride we went to the Indiana Jones stunt show thing, and it was good and funny! Then we went on the flight simulator for star wars, THAT ONE SUCKED! IT WAS SO MUCH LIKE JUST A NORMAL PLANE RIDE THAT I GOT CAR SICK! WHAT THE HECK! Then we went to the back lot tour and that was VERY interesting. Then we went to the Car chase stunt show thing… Ehhhh not my thing. IT WAS SOO REPETITIVE! IT WAS JUST DRIVE THIS WAY… DRIVE THAT WAY… But the jumps were cool! Then we had supper. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! MUSHROOM AND GOAT CHEESE RAVIOLI! MMMM! THEN I HAD CHEESE CAKE DESSERT! YUM! After the supper, we went to the Muppet Show 3-D IT WAS FUNNNY! After that we had just enough time to get to the Fantasmic… IT WAS SOO COOL! THEY HAD MIST SPRAYING UP LIKE A SCREEN AND PROJECTED LITTLE CLIPS ON IT! WOOO! SUPER FUN! Once again no autographs L But tomorrow we are going to Magic Kingdom and we are going to CINDERELLAS DINNER CASTLE THING! Kewl… So ya, that’s about it… bii! Loggin off of Juice’s Corner… NOW

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

Well, Jessica summed things up pretty well. We were up around 9:00 this morning and had to do laundry before we could leave for Hollywood Studios, so we didn’t get there until about 11:30. Jessica and I had agreed that we should get the Tower of Terror out of the way before going for lunch. While waiting in line we talked to these two young girls (maybe eight or nine years old) and their mother. It turns out they have been on the ride repeatedly and they were very encouraging for us first timers. So we go on this ride expecting the worst (thanks to Micheline and Cheryl who swear they will NEVER go on this ride again). We sit down and buckle in and Jessica immediately grabs my arm. So I offer her my hand to hold instead and she actually takes it. This is how nervous she is. The ride starts and we go up and see the apparitions and then the doors close and it goes dark. Then all of a sudden we’re flying up! Then all of a sudden we’re dropping down! Then the doors open and we go forward through a Twilight Zone hallway and then we stop and everything goes dark again. Then all of a sudden we drop, and then fly up and we can see outside the top of the building but before we can actually identify anything we’re dropping and dropping and dropping! Yes, there was screaming from one of us and Lamaze-type breathing from the other one of us (you figure out which). Then we stop and I figure there’s no way we’re done because that would be too easy. I was wrong! It was actually over and I’m thinking, what? That’s it? That can’t be it, I can handle more than that! Well we got off and Jessica was ecstatic and I was trying to sort out my feelings when the two young girls came running up to us to see how we liked it. They were just as excited as before and I had to tell them I actually liked it but would need a little break before I could do it again.

We then moved on to the Indiana Jones show, which was, as Jessica stated, interesting and funny. It was a really good show worth watching. Then we went to Star Tours, which I totally expected to be something much more elaborate and like a thrill ride, but was disappointingly boring. I hate saying that being a Star Wars fan and all. Jarod, however, loved it.

Next came the Back Lot Tour, which had a fun show involving torpedoes and straffing machine gun fire before the tram tour. The tram portion included a demonstration of water destruction through a canyon with exploding gasoline trucks and an earthquake under the tram. It was entertaining. We followed this tour up with the Lights, Motors, Action show, which was a stunt driving demonstration. It was Jarod’s overall favorite show of the day. I found it entertaining, too, but Jessica was pretty bored with it. Oh, well, we all have to make sacrifices.

Lights, Motor, Action let out just in time for us to walk in to our reservation at Mama Melrose’s restaurant. Nice Italian place with good service and really good food. The pasta was fresh made and the sauces were really good. Jessica obviously loved her ravioli, while Dan had an Italian sausage pasta dish, I had a shellfish pasta dish, and Jarod managed to get a plain old cheese pizza. Of course, being on the Dining Plan we also got to have dessert, which was really tasty: Dan and Jarod had what we would call Chocolate Lava Cake, Jessica had a Hazelnut Cheesecake, and I had a lemon custard with strawberries and raspberries. Mmmmm.

Next was the Muppet 3-D Movie, which actually turned out to be 4-D as they had real bubbles falling from the ceiling, water spraying on us, the old guys puppets in the balcony, the Swedish Chef running the projector (and firing cannons at one point), the big harry monster (I forget his name, but it’s not Dan), and Beanie Bunny in the other balcony. This was a typically funny Muppet Show episode and really quite entertaining.

We got out of that with just enough time to get to Fantasmic, which really was a good show, although not quite what I expected. I thought there would be more fireworks, but it was more about mini-clips shown on backgrounds of mist and characters playing out scenes. It was really entertaining and fun to watch.

Overall a fun if not exciting day that ended early enough that we had time to wind down before going to sleep. The humidity was really high today, so Jessica and I felt the need to have a shower to wash off the perspiration from the day. We’re nice and relaxed now, so I’ll sign off and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day at Magic Kingdom.


Big Hairy Monster, not Dan…

Ouch so mean!! I’m still gonna be laughing at that one tomorrow though. From rick.james, on Oct 28, 2009 at 09:12PM

Yes this parade is awesome! However just a note, the fireworks are only on certain nights, ask your hotel. From micheline1234, on Oct 30, 2009 at 09:28PM

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