Decongestant-check; gravol-check; earplugs-check.


Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Friday, October 23, 2009

Day one begins in typical Guigon fashion with fog. Lots and lots of fog. For Yellowknife at the end of October this is incredibly unusual. So is the temperature in general: +3! By Noon the fog had not lifted and we began to worry that our flight would not leave. Actually, we were worried our flight would not get here to pick us up. Something about planes not being able to land when they can’t see the ground or something. We figured we’d go the airport as planned anyway and see what happens. In the meantime I’m also subconsciously thinking about what to do if we don’t get out (call the other airline to move our flights tomorrow, for example). So we call for our cab at around 3:00 and they tell us it will just be a couple minutes. Half an hour later I call them back and they tell me it will be another five or so as they are just waiting for a minivan to become available. So I call the other cab company and they come within two minutes. On the way to the airport the cabbie is talking about how he’s been spending all day bringing people home from the airport because of flights being cancelled due to the fog. This does not comfort us, but by this time the fog has lifted anyway so we’re feeling more confident. This confidence has paid off because it turns out we’re only delayed by about 15 minutes. Of course, we haven’t gone through security yet, but I’ll let Jessica tell that story next.

Dan reminds me that we now know how many types of gum Jarod does not like as a result of trying to buy him some at the last minute for the flight. We also know how many hats Jessica does not like as a result of trying to find one of Dan’s for her to wear on this trip (she chose Saskatchewan Roughriders – nach!). And the Guigon luck holds true for Dan, but in minor ways, as someone’s jacket fell out of the overhead compartment onto his head and his neighbor nudged at the perfect moment for him to spill his noodles marinara onto his lap. Jessica continues to remind me that nothing has happened to me yet. I will emphasize YET! I’m sure it’s coming.

Adelle J

WELL… Lets just say that scissors and airports don’t mix… I forgot to take my scissors out of my pencil bag before putting it into my carry on. So I put my bag on the belt thingy in security, and when I got through the metal detector they were putting the bag through the x-ray thing again… and again. So I was thinking What the heck.. do I have a water bottle in it… then out of nowhere, I lost my breath and was like Oh Shoot!!!!!!!! My FAVOURITE SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!! So now I have no pretty green scissors for school L Well…. Ya dat’s about it… hmmm… what else… hmmmm ya soo ya dats about it…. So there is no fog now… ya bii!!!

Juiceness/Jessica 😀


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