Northern Spirit Shakedown – Travel Day 2

Good evening….tired tonight so expect this post to be short. Despite the room we stayed in being comfortable I did not get much sleep. I may have been a tad too excited for this trip. The lack of sleep resulted in today feeling rather long, even though it really wasn’t any longer than it was expected to be or that we are used to (eight hours from High Level to Edmonton is pretty standard).

Of course, it didn’t help that the fan in the truck appears to have crapped out, so we did not benefit from any air conditioning. It was rather stuffy in the truck today, likely contributing to my general feeling of tiredness. We’re going to try and get the truck in to get checked before we have to go home.

We arrived at my mother’s at around 6:30 pm, just in time for a BBQ steak supper with all the trimmings, including puffed wheat squares for me and Mom and apple pie with ice cream for Dan and Andy. The puffed wheat square I had been anticipating from the High Level Esso Station was disappointing and I did not eat it; it was odd because they usually make a really great puffed wheat square. The pleasant surprise was that my Mom had just made puffed wheat squares, and honestly nobody can beat hers anyway.

The evening ended with a thunder and lightning show, which was pretty cool. Tomorrow will be a full day of picking up the trailer, orienting ourselves to it, and kitting it out.

No photos today, nothing really caught my attention and the following critters didn’t stick around long enough to capture.

Wildlife sightings primarily consisted of the bird variety with a whole bunch of ducks, about a dozen geese, one magpie, two hawks, and two grouse. The grouse were actually the last thing we saw, in my Mother’s back yard of all places, where we usually see a ridiculous number of rabbits or hares. We did also see one coyote and one chipmunk. That’s right, a chipmunk, crossing the road in front of us. Lucky he didn’t become roadkill…

Anyhoo, going to try and get some shut eye now. Talk to you tomorrow.

Adelle and Dan

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