Bugs? Not so much…Smoke? Much…

Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day two. Woke up to a little smoke in the air, which became progressively worse throughout the day. Not debilitating, but present. It was our day for cooking today. I made Frankie’s breakfast muffins, which appeared to be a hit. We played some scrabble, made some freezer cookies (actually, all the freezer cookies), and then made spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic ciabatta bread for supper.

Dan lieutenanted us from Cottonwood Beach to Daniel’s Store on the northeast end of Seymour Arm, where we briefly beached to get more ice and garbage bags. We freaked some beach goers a little bit when we made to look like we were going to beach at the beach itself, but we actually beached further up, closer to the store. We sailed further into the arm and ended up overnighting at Bughouse Bay, which is really at the furthest point east on the entire lake. The area was much sandier than our previous stops, and just around the corner where we parked the sand really was sand rather than pebbles. In the other direction to that sandy area was a grassy area within which we built Bughouse Squidward the inukshuk. I love Squidward’s head; to me it looks more like a crystal skull or alien head, but majority rules on the naming of our inukshuks. I’m hoping that being placed within the grassy area it won’t be disturbed by other campers.

The swimming was wonderful and I think most of us ended up in the water at some point. Card games ensued followed by early bedtimes for most. I finally won at Canasta against Jessica.

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