Ducks in the Shoe

Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Monday, August 24, 2015

Dave and Eddy made scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning while we planned our estimated route for the day. A little further around the north corner of where we parked at Bughouse Bay there is a sulphur stream where the rocks were much more consistently shaped. We decided to build another inukshuk there with more normal looking rocks. This one we named Bughouse Pi. We also met an adorable Norwegian Elk Hound at the neighbour’s site.

It was still really smoky outside, but we considered going to Algas Falls for a hike before continuing on to Horseshoe Bay. Few expressed any interested in such a venture, though, so we just cruised instead. I managed to decidedly beat Jessica at Scrabble and break 250 points in the doing. I do not recommend trying to play cards on the outside deck while cruising though. The smoke lifted just enough to appreciate the ‘cabins’ lining the shores the closer we got to Horseshoe Bay. I say cabin loosely; these were magnificent homes of the type we’d normally see in Yellowknife’s well-to-do areas.

When we arrived at Horsehoe Bay there was one other small houseboat there. Two others arrived after we beached. The bay is quite lovely, with both pebbled and sandy areas, and the point was a lovely shale. On our walk out to the point we noticed others had attempted to make inukshuks; they were adequate. We found a flatish spot on the shale point, searched for appropriate pieces of rock, and built an inukshuk visible from a further distance. We named him Horseshoe Inukshoe after the bay. He watches over the channel, keeping an eye on things.

Eddy, Dave, and others BBQ’d a steak, potato, and corn cob supper to die for. Heather and I cleaned up afterwards. We ran out of dishwasher detergent, though, so we’ll have to finish tomorrow after we stop at the store. We’ve actually run out of a few things already, so stopping at the store is approprose.

Another card game of four-person crib, enhanced with glasses of margueritas, was entertaining. I was partnered with Gwelda and we are a rocking team! Get a little liquor in Gwelda though and she says the funniest things. Apparently alcohol makes her deaf. That’s okay, it makes me forget how to do math, and makes Norman forget which pegs are his; Leah seemed pretty normal…John was entertained. Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It version was next on the agenda. Some of those question are ridiculously easy; some are ridiculously hard. Literally luck of the draw which you’ll get.

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