It’s like a fairy land!

Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Slept in a little this morning.
Eddy and Dave made Swedish Pancakes and sausages for breakfast.
Made a mini-inukshuk; his name is Little Moe, because his head is shaped like The Simpson’s Moe Sizlak’s silhouette.
Anna told me that the people south of us woke her up at Midnight. There was much complaining from many persons of the same problem this morning. Who swims and jumps off a three-story boat at Midnight, let alone allow children to do so unsupervised??? Grumble, grumble, grumble.
A game of Heads’ Up seemed to cheer everyone up. A few others went to have a nap, now that the neighbours are gone.
Jessica set out the cookies we baked the other day; they lasted longer than the first third which disappeared before they were finished baking.
We left the narrows late in the morning, making our way towards Four Mile Creek in Antsey Arm. The men tried trolling again for a bit, but it didn’t take long to give that up in exchange for getting to the creek faster.
As we approached the creek area inaudible groans ensued; it appeared we had caught up with our neighbours from last night. I’m pretty sure there were multiple psychic pleadings to Lieutenant Dan to keep going further. He must have heard. There was a second boat of the same size as the first in the same little cove, not beached, that Dan thought to pass by on the land side. They must have gotten worried that we were trying to take their spot on the beach because instead of being smart boaters they gunned it to get between us and land, cruising right in front of us. Not a smart thing to do with two large, barely maneuverable boats. They don’t exactly turn on a dime. All well though, and we moved on away from the ignorant.
We found the creek. Then we passed the creek thinking it wasn’t the right one; too small. Then we did an about face (causing minor seasickness in one or two) when we realized the small creek must be Four Mile Creek. We beached next to it and while the creek was much smaller than we anticipated the area is absolutely beautiful. Rocky, gravelly, and sandy shore. Pleasant creek, which clearly would have been larger had there been more snowfall last winter. A walk in the woods revealed a wonderful fairyland worthy of many photographs, including family pictures.
An inukshuk was built. His name is Theon. Any GoT fan who cares to zoom in on Theon’s photo will understand the reference. (Yes, I am rolling my eyes and shaking my head as I write this).
Swimming was cold but felt oh, so good. Jarod actually came in the water today; bonus! Dave’s boss (?) and his family found us on their waverunners, which were a hit with the kids…both little and big. You could hear Anna and Cassie’s screaming laughter a mile away and Thomas lost his ball cap.
Eddy pulled out the lawn games: Ladder Golf, Lacrosse, and Lawn Darts. Jarod and I proceeded to win at Ladder Golf against Eddy and Marie and Dave and Thomas, but honestly not by much.
Norman, Gwelda, John, Leah, and I played some crib. Norman and Leah took turns playing as John’s partner. We had to play three games for Gwelda and I to beat John’s team tonight, but we did. Hmph.
A little bit of hot tubbing with the adults in the dark before bed and that was our day. Looks like we’re going to spend most of the day here tomorrow before heading back into the main arm.

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