Robots and Rainbows

Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anna Banana acted like a robot and was easily maneuverable throughout the day.

Sam is delusional. So says Anna and Adam.

Jessica is tired.

Jarod is adequate (remember, his new favourite word).

Eddy finally managed to sleep in.

Norman was up fishing at 6:00 a.m.

John and Leah were up at…I have no idea what time, but well before 8:00 a.m. when I got up.

Breakfast was fend for yourself. PB&J for me, PB for Anna. Others had cereal.

Yahtzee was the game of choice for the kids this morning.

Rainbow bodypainting ensued. Sam named himself Rainbow Man.

Dice was introduced; Jessica apparently did not receive the lucky dice Lafrance gene, but Dave the newcomer certainly received beginners luck. Sang some ghostbusters.

Relaxing sail down the northwest arm of the lake, loop around Copper Island (still not sure where the cliffs are…), then back towards Cinnemousin Narrows.

Parked near one other houseboat just before the narrows themselves; within a couple hours we were joined by two more houseboats. One was fine, the second appeared filled primarily with children, and the third was just plain noisy and inconsiderate.

Swimming was fantastic. Played water football with Jessica, Thomas, Dave, Anna, and alternatively with Sam and Adam. Good times.

John and Leah made the most wonderful pizzas on the BBQs I have ever had. Unfortunately, Jessica and I failed to properly account for how many pizzas would need to be made and only purchased three packages of yeast, but John and Leah prevailed and made biscuit pizza dough to make up the difference and it was really good!

The stores we’ve stopped at have not carried dishwasher detergent and we have officially run out. An internet search provided us with an adequate solution in using two or three drops of dish soap covered in salt to keep the suds down. It works well enough. Booya for the Internet.

A game of Cranium ended the evening; Cassie, Dan, and I somehow managed to win.

The inukshuk will be built tomorrow before we depart.


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