Belated Moment of Recognition

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Friday, August 29, 2014

On the road again. We had a lovely stay in Banff but got up a little later than we intended. Not a huge dent in our intended schedule. We had breakfast, got gas (for the car, silly), and hit the road at about 10:15 am Alberta time. Other than some rain throughout, the trip was relatively uneventful; which surprised the hell out of me because the last time I took the Hope highway it was a two-lane anxiety-ridden nightmare.

I had a forehead-slapping moment of recognition when we were listening to Jessica’s playlist and ‘Eastbound and Down’ came on. I’m listening to it, with pictures going through my head of scenes from the movie ‘Smokey and the Bandit’. (Because I always play scenes from movies in my head when a song from the soundtrack comes on. Don’t you?) I get, in my head, to a scene of the truck driver driving his rig all crazy-like and laughing, and I’ve seen the actor somewhere recently. It takes me a minute to realize I actually MET him not more than three weeks ago at the Star Trek Convention! The actor is Eric Pierpoint! What the hell! I could have brought a Smokey photo for him to autograph instead of scrambling for something appropriate when I got there. Damn it, an epic opportunity missed…

We stopped in Revelstoke for lunch at Denny’s. Jessica and I agree we have now been there, done that, don’t ever need to do that again.

We lamented as we continued on our journey at not having time to stop at Skytrek Adventures again. That would have been fun. Sigh.

We also passed right by the place we’ll be going house boating next summer with the family. So excited for that! That is another story for next year though…

Did any of y’all know that there is actually a stretch of highway in Canada with a speed limit greater than 110 kph? I did not until today. I was shocked to discover the highway between Kamloops and Hope had not only been expanded to a four-lane highway but also that the speed limit is actually 120 kph. Yes, you are reading me correctly: 120 kph! I almost didn’t believe it. I had to watch the traffic around me to confirm what the sign suggested. Man, did I make up for lost time on that stretch after getting stuck behind rigs and RVs on the two-lane stretches earlier. And, unlike certain American counterparts, everyone on that stretch of highway knew how to stay to the right except to pass. It was exhilarating!

We arrived at Auntie Lillian’s and Uncle Mike’s in Chilliwack pretty much when we expected to and had a lovely visit and supper with them, Auntie Yvonne, Uncle Bob, and my mom. Fresh corn on the cob is really to die for. We spent the rest of the evening figuring out a plan for the rest of our trip and figuring out how to get more out of my Garmin than I had been using it for to date. Tomorrow we look forward to visiting my cousin before catching the ferry to Victoria.

Wildlife sightings: a squirrel, a magpie, and various small ornithoid. We agreed cows and horses do not count as wildlife, being domesticated beasts and all.


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