Family, Ferry, and Funnies

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Saturday, August 30, 2014

We started our day being served breakfast by my aunt and uncle before heading out to visit my cousin Roseanne and her beau, Tim. It was, unfortunately, a too short visit but I am so glad we were able to do it before leaving for Victoria.

The GPS did not fail us and not only were we able to get to the ferry terminal early, we were able to get Booster Juice for lunch on the way, and got on the ferry an hour earlier than our reservation. And while we were waiting in line at the terminal I also managed to snag a Munzee — bonus!

Aside from learning of the unfortunate and sudden loss of an acquaintance from home, the ferry ride was lovely and uneventful. That hour and a half flew right by.

We’re staying at The Embassy Inn; once again Tripadvisor did not fail me. The hotel is right off the harbour and barely a block away from the ferry terminal Mom and I will be taking Monday to Port Angeles. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and have a small accessible balcony.

We strolled down Government Street and back up Wharf Street, stopped at The Docks for a late supper, watched the last half of Tallulah’s street performance, found the vehicle entrance for Monday’s ferry, ate some fudge and chocolate covered coconut, and are now winding down to go to sleep for the last time next to my daughter. Tomorrow she moves into her dorm room.

Wildlife sightings: yeah, right…

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