Vegas! The Show

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finally got our decent sleep-in day today. Woohoo! Somewhat late breakfast followed by going to the Bodies Exhibit, which is another remarkable exhibit, just fascinating! After seeing that we made our way down the Strip and I took her to see Caesar’s Palace and The Forum Shops. Sure enough, we were able to finally get our Penny on at the Cheesescake Factory in the shops for lunch. Of course, Penny’s Cheesecake Factory is not remotely as elaborate as this place. We managed to stuff ourselves pretty good, anyway, before heading out for a further walkabout in search of Madame Tussaude’s, which we were certain we had seen on Monday during our first walkabout. We did eventually come across it and partook of the exhibits. It’s really quite remarkable how realistic the statues are. Those artists are fantastic.

Yesterday on our way out of town Jessica noticed there is a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant on the Strip, so we had to make our pilgrimage. We’ve been to the Bubba Gump in Orlando, New York, and now Las Vegas. As usual the food was fabulous and we stuffed ourselves silly. Managed to pick up two more Bubba Gump glasses, too; shakers this time instead of the flashy light ones.

You’re probably wondering at this point if we got to see any of the shows. Well, yes, we managed to sneak one in tonight. We went to see Vegas! The Show, which gave us a historical accounting of the rise and fall of the classic Vegas casino’s, shows, and entertainment. It was really enjoyable and while all the cast was fun to watch, the two headliners were fantastic.

We returned to our hotel, stopping at Bellagio on the way to watch the fountain and get the obligatory photograph for Monique. Vegas is hot.

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