Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The show, not the liquor! Although that was available too…

Spent the morning with Cheryl finding the Internet access at the Tropicana and going for a most excellent breakfast there before sitting by the pool at Hooter’s waiting for Michelle and Ruth to wake up. Didn’t realize it until much later that I actually burned my shoulders and chest while waiting. It was windy today (and got much windier and colder throughout the day), and I didn’t notice the sun’s heat. It was nearly Noon by the time the girls came down.

Lunch was at The Cheesecake Factory as it was Cheryl’s birthday. Very good food and of course the cheesecake desert was to die for. We all got different types of cheesecake for desert, each their own level of decadent. Cheryl’s was free as a birthday gift and, much to her chagrine, the wait staff sang for her. He-he.

Anyway, this evening we went to see Absinthe, which has been described as Cirque and Rocky Horror combined, but I think a better description is to call it burlesque and variety. It was amazing! An adult show and totally worth the money we paid for it. There was singing, dancing, acrobatics, a truly adrenaline raising strength performance, amazing bodies to behold, and very comedic host and hostess. It was a lot of fun in a very intimate setting under a tent in front of Caesar’s Palace. Very cool!

Followed this with munchies at Cabo Wabo (Sammy Haggar’s bar) where we were inundated with the sounds of bad karaoke. Well, one guy was actually really good, but you know…

Anyway, I’ll sign off. Again, pictures will have to follow when I get to a computer I can use my SD card at.

Adelle 🙂

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