The Arrival of Friends

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I met the girls – Cheryl, Michelle, and Ruth – at the airport this morning, intending to surprise them. Ruth came on another airline, so I actually didn’t get to see her until we got back to the hotel. But Cheryl and Michelle came in as expected and, geek that I am, I waited at the bottom of the escalators with a sign that had their names written on one side and “Happy Birthday, Girls” on the other. It made them laugh.

Needless to say, this trip is a 40th birthday gift for Cheryl and Michelle. They had planned this between themselves in January and then Michelle called me on the side to see if we could surprise Cheryl with my attendance. At first I couldn’t commit to going due to other family travel plans, but those plans changed a couple of months later and in conversation with my family they gave me permission to go. Unfortunately I totally suck at keeping surprises like this to myself. I was just so excited about going that I posted a countdown on Facebook, and when I originally set up this blog I actually entered the full itinerary before leaving. Cheryl’s a smart cookie, so of course she put two and two together and figured out a couple of days before leaving that I was coming. Oh, well, we still played along.

I treated Michelle and Cheryl to a limo ride back to the hotel from the airport. It was very cool, a stretch limo, and Cheryl had never been in one before so it was perfect. Complimentary bottled water and everything.

After settling in to our rooms and waiting for Ruth we ventured out for a walk. We stopped at Wolfgang Puck’s for lunch, which was expensive but lovely: crab cakes, cuban pork sandwich (a little heavier than I would have liked), and some kind of raspberry martini. Yes, I had a martini. Or I should say I had about a third of a martini.

During our walk along the strip we stopped and got tickets for Cirque du Soleil: Mystere, and then we took The Deuce (a double decker bus) to Treasure Island, and from there we walked back to our hotel before having to head out to the show.

Mystere was amazing! I can’t even begin to describe it. Just go and see it if you can. WOW! Great eye-candy too 🙂

Supper was at Kahuna something or other’s. I can’t remember the full name and my receipts are at the room. Anyway, supper was again really tasty, no complaints.

We walked over to watch Bellagio’s fountain show. We ended up staying to watch two of them, one to the theme song for On Golden Pond (I think) and the other to an Elton John song that I am currently drawing a blank on. Beautiful!

By this time it was late, the girls had been up since 5:00 a.m., and everyone was exhausted. Michelle was actually still battling strep throat, too, so we headed back to the hotel for much deserved rest.

More to come when I can get back to a computer!

Oh, photos will have to wait because I can’t upload to this computer…

Adelle 🙂


Glad your having a great time so far! don’t get into any trouble! tee hee From mom, on Apr 14, 2011 at 02:50AM

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