Mayan ruins?! Jarod, what have you done?!

Cozumel, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Friday, November 6, 2009

Juice’s Corner:

TODAY we went to Cozumel in Mexico, and we went to Tulum, a mayan ruins. It would have been fun if it hadn’t been raining, and if SOMEBODY had let me have an umbrella. 😡 Well anyway, the ferrie ride there was really bad… luckily I was asleep. Then we had tuna (bleh) sandwiches for lunch… blah. And the ride in the bus back was okay. But I was soaking wet so I was NOT comfortable. Then it almost became a storm, I was really regretting the ferrie ride back. Then when we got on, the AC was on high! So now I was cold from the soaking wet clothes and then the AC so I was double cold. Mum bought a plate thing from a shop. Then we had a buffet supper. Then I started writing this blog. So ya. Buh-bii.

Jessica! J

Okay, so Jessica has established that it was a very wet day today and she was not happy. This holds true for everybody except Dan and I, who were just happy to be able to see the ruins in Tulum. We went on the express excursion which involved taking a 40-minute ferry ride from the ship to Playa del Carmen followed by a one-hour bus ride to Tulum. As mentioned above, the ferry ride was particularly bouncy, but Jessica and I both thought to take gravol before leaving and managed to sleep through the entire thing while barely acknowledging the movements. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the riders apparently did not think to take gravol and the boat staff ended up running back and forth with barf bags for several people.

Anyway, we got to Playa del Carmen and got on our bus to Tulum with no problems and began our tour. On the drive it started to rain and our guide informed us that although the hurricane in Nicaragua had been downgraded to a tropical storm we were now experiencing one end of it. In other words, it rained continuously throughout our tour of the ruins.

So anyway, again, we took a tour of the ruins, which I thought was pretty amazing regardless of the rain, but others in our group were not as impressed with because they were all cranky and miserable. Dan was taking some great photos. I listened to the tour guide as closely as I could because he did have a heavy accent, but was understandable if you listened. And he was interesting and told us some good information about the Mayan culture and history. We did not end up with very much time to walk around on our own though, which was disappointing for Dan and I, but the rest of our group was perfectly happy to leave when we did. Dan and I have agreed that we must come back here, preferably alone so that we can actually enjoy the history.

The return trip on the ferry was pretty much as exciting as the first, so I’ll just leave it at that. Otherwise, nothing much happened today. I think everyone is looking forward to having a day at sea tomorrow so we can sleep in a little and just kick back. The only concern is that our day at sea might involve sailing through a tropical storm. Ah, well. It was bound to happen anyway.

Take care!



too funny
here i thought the mayan ruins were thousands of years old. turns out they were pristine until hurricane Jarod came along@!!! From leahpurdy39, on Oct 30, 2009 at 03:51PM

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