Yar, Matey! Off the plank with ye!

George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Thursday, November 5, 2009

Juice’s Corner:

FUN-NESS! Today we went to George Town in the Grand Caymans… It was really fun!! We went to the Pirate Encounter. The pirates were really funny. But they made me SWAB THE DECK! But then we attacked two of the cruise ships… IT WAS FUNNY! PEOPLE ACTUALLY SCREAMED! Then after that we went to one part of the ocean to swim. I jumped off the HIGHEST point of the ship! But at some point I lost my MedicAlert. L Man the water was really salty! Oh! And about Green Grotto Caves yesterday, I saw Randy. Randy the RHINOCEROS! Anyway, while we were in George Town, we went to the shops and stuff. Oh and we got a stamp in our passports! Oooo and last night we watched Year One. It was FUNNY!

Jessica 😀

As Jessica has already mentioned, our primary activity today was the Pirate Encounter in George Town, Grand Caymans. Mom and Andy took it relatively easy today and started out relaxing on the deck before taking the tender to town to do an extensive amount of shopping. And eating at Hard Rock Café. And going back to Hard Rock Café for the Rum they forgot they could get on a coupon. They say, “Oooh, it was good!” Upon their return to the ship after that they ordered some more drinks and sat on the deck relaxing and reading.

Dan, Jarod, Jessica and I went on the Pirate Encounter. Thankfully this started at Noon, so we got to sleep in a little bit before we met Mom and Andy for breakfast. We took the tender early enough to shop for about an hour before our encounter, during which we got a pleasant rain. The weather all day was rather cloudy and rainy, but comfortable compared to previous days and really quite perfect for our sailing experience on the Jolly Roger.

The pirate encounter was “totally wicked” to quote Dan. To quote Jessica, it was “totally awesome.” It was “arrrghuably” the best shore excursion to date. The Jolly Roger was a three-quarter scale replica of a Galleon. Its crew was composed of four pirates including a wench. They took us out to sea and the first thing we did was sail by the Carnival cruise ship that was also docked there today. When asked if that was our ship we all shouted “nooooo”, so we agreed it should be fired upon and sunk. The pirate fired the little cannon creating a loud bang and we all cheered! Then he sailed around to the Freedom of the Seas and asked if this was our ship, to which we replied, “Yeesss!” So of course we fired at the tender that was docked with people watching us sail by and you should have seen them jump when the cannon went off. It was hilarious! Arrgh, matey!

We sailed around for a little bit, during which time the eight or so kids on the ship were subjected to swearing a pirate oath, swabbing the deck while being drenched in sea water – with Jessica being the first to be drenched, and finally taking revenge on parents in general by tying up one of the parents to the main mast and drenching her in ice-filled salt water repeatedly. Finally, all forms of torture ended with the parent promising to buy ice-cream for her kids upon our return to shore.

The final hour of our excursion was spent anchored in 15-foot deep water where we got to push our siblings and parents off the plank into the briny sea. No one got keel-hauled, but several did choose to jump from the highest point of the ship. Apparently at one point one of the pirates did get into the water with us wearing snorkeling gear to check around for the presence of any sharks.

We ended our swim with drinks for all. There was water, pop, and fruit punch for the kids and rum punch for the parents. Of course, when Dan asked for some punch he was automatically given rum punch and did not realize it until he took a sip, which was at exactly the same time that both Jessica and I tried to warn him that he’d gotten rum punch instead of fruit punch. It was mildly funny to watch Dan’s face as he reacted to the taste of this alcoholic beverage and quickly returned the drink to the serving wench for the kiddie punch.

Anyhoo! We all agreed this experience was the best so far. We returned to the ship, Jarod went for a swim with some friends he made on the pirate ship while Dan, Jess, and I went for a quick bite to eat as we hadn’t had lunch yet. Jess and I also went for a quick rock climb. She tried a different wall this time, but still managed to get nearly three-quarters of the way up, while I ended up on a hard wall to climb for my first try and did not get any farther than Jarod did when he tried it. Hoepfully tomorrow I will get the easier run.

After Mom and Andy enjoyed their afternoon on deck they got all decked out in their fancy clothes and the rest of us just got decked out for the formal dinner in the main dining room. Mom and Andy looked great. I’ll leave the rest of us to your imagination. Ernesto once again entertained us with his wit and magical expertise, and his “pee-six”. Being Philipinno, his accent took some figuring out that he meant physics. Supper was once again spectacularly too much, but totally worth it. Now that Mom and Andy have changed out of their fancy duds into their casual and swim wear they’re going for a long walk and hottubbing. Mom’s really smiling now, Uncle Dan.

By the way, Mom asks if someone could please call Grandma Lafrance and Auntie Yvonne to let them know that we’re all having a good time and doing well.

Laura, Mike, and John, if you’re reading, your Dad sends his love and wants you to know that everything is fine and we miss you all and love you and will talk to you soon. Tomorrow we are going to a guided tour of the Tulum Mayan Ruins when we stop in Cozumel.

So we’re off now to watch a short movie before a relatively early bed time as tomorrow will be a long day. Take care all!

Adelle J


Adelle, thank you very much for the update on the day, every night when the kids are in bed I look forward to reading what you all did that day. If you could say hi to my dad and Claire and hope your all enjoy the rest of your trip. Sounds like your having a great time. From Laura, on Nov 6, 2009 at 02:29AM

You’re very welcome, Laura! I can’t wait to meet you and your family, hopefully soon.
Adelle 🙂 From Adelle Guigon, on Nov 7, 2009 at 01:39AM

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