Celebrities and Blasphemy

New York City, New York, United States
Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Breakfast (yes, we did make it for breakfast this morning) was at Junior’s, which is actually known for its cheesecake. We did not have cheesecake. We did have normal breakfast fare, which was perfectly fine.

We finally got our fill of celebrities today. Too bad they weren’t live. It’s really quite remarkable how good the wax replicas are at Madam Tussaud’s, but even more so when you consider just how good Madam Tussaud herself was for the period and resources she had at her disposal.

We stopped at the HBO store and picked up a few things before going back to the hotel to drop our purchases off. Literally as we were getting off the elevator on our floor the fire alarm went off. Being the well-trained Yellowknifers we are, we immediately diverted to the stairwell and went outside only to discover absolutely nobody else exiting the building. Alarm’s blaring, elevator is locked down, and everybody is still either chilling in the lobby chairs or wanting to check in. It was so weird. After about 20 minutes I finally asked the front desk what was going on. Turns out a pipe had burst in the basement, which had been repaired, but the alarms could not be reset until the engineer inspected the repair. There was no fire and we were allowed to go to our rooms, we just couldn’t use the elevators. By the time we did get upstairs the alarms had finally stopped.

Anyway, our next stop was supposed to be Discovery Times Square, but that ended up being closed. So we made our way to M&M World instead before going to the Hard Rock Cafe for supper. We followed that with going to see The Book of Mormon, which was ridiculously funny if crude. I did try to warn Zak’s parents about that last year…

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