Not What Was Expected

New York City, New York, United States
Thursday, October 13, 2016

As the title implies, pretty much everything planned for today did not turnout to be what we expected. We went for breakfast at By Suzette, a crepe place. We did get crepes, but they were different sweet and savoury options served in a small cubby hole of a place. We were expecting a sit-in restaurant with more built-to-order options for the crepes. And the crepes were served like wraps. They were good. Just not what we expected.

Then we took the Big Bus double decker tour to get to our next destination, which was pretty much as expected, so no issues there.

Then we went to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. I found it interesting, but the boys thought they it was going to be more about architectural design, as in how they designed the machines to create the architectural features. It wasn’t that kind of design. It was more about art and fashion and function. It really wasn’t for engineers, per se; it was more for artists — interior designers, urban planners, that kind of thing. I enjoyed it more than the boys did.

Our next stop went as expected, but kind of hard not to: Dylan’s Candy Bar. Need I say more?

And finally, Rockefeller Plaza. We took the tour that was part of the New York Pass. The boys were expecting a tour that encompassed not only the Rockefeller Centre itself, but also Radio City Music Hall and NBC. Yeah, that’s not what it was about. It was about the art and architectural history of the buildings that comprise the Rockefeller Centre. I LOVED it!!! The tour guide was fantastic and engaging, and the information was so interesting. Totally worth it!

That was followed by a visit to the top of the Rock, which I actually enjoyed more than the Empire State Building. And we finished off this really long day at Bill’s Burger and Grill before cabbing it back to our hotel.

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