Rain, rain, go away!

Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada
Friday, August 21, 2015

An early morning after a late night generally does not suit me well, but I think I managed not to bite any heads off or offend anyone – or I’ve got selective memory on the issue. If the latter, I apologize.

Went to Eddy’s to load up the vehicles around 7:30. Still didn’t end up on the road until around 9:30. I would say it was an uneventful morning, but that would be a lie. It started raining around Midnight last night and didn’t stop. It was pouring buckets, gusting wind, and general nastiness all the way into the mountains. My lead foot did not prevail this day. Even if it had, it wouldn’t really have helped because of what looked like avalanche clearing just outside of Revelstoke and other construction delays. Somehow we still managed to make it to Sicamous by 3:00 PST (4:00 MST), an hour before we were supposed to check in for the boat. Eddy and Marie went looking for the farmers market, I think Dave and Heather went with them, while Dan, the kids, and I went for lunch at a little place called Blondie’s Café.

John and Leah arrived just in time for the boat orientation at 4:00. Captain John and Lieutenant Dan went through the orientation while the rest of us were directed to our parking spot where we waited. While waiting, some of us went for a walk and discovered at the Twin Anchors Houseboating Vacations not only the washrooms but also a lovely little store and a seafood restaurant. After the boys went through the orientation, the shuttle quads arrived to take away our luggage. Jessica, Anna, and I went ahead to the boat to do the inventory checklist with our host. It got a little chaotic for a bit while Dan and John were finalizing paperwork, we were doing the inventory, and luggage and people started arriving, but we managed it and soon were settled on J Cruiser. A host captain drove the boat for us out of the harbour and then left us to it, departing on a zodiac.

The first evening went along swimmingly until we realized it was time to find our first port for the night. It took a bit to find a suitable ‘beach’, in this case a rocky shoreline, and it was getting dark by the time we got there. Being our first time beaching this three-storey monstrosity, it was a challenge, not so much getting it on the beach as keeping it straight so as to tie it to the shore properly. But we did achieve success, in the dark, and all was good.

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