Planes, Treks, and Automobiles

Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday, July 19, 2015

Had a late breakfast at a local diner (meh) and then went to see the visitors centre. The lady who runs the place is very informative and enthusiastic. They had a separate area to try on Star Trek costumes and take photos. And they have quite an extensive collection of Trek items. Turns out there’s a museum we didn’t know about in Vulcan; unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit it this time. It’s really a nice little town.

We snagged a geocache while we were there, too, before heading over to Nanton to visit the Bomber Command museum. Again, a very cool place, with plenty of World War II aircraft and lots of wonderful and thorough information about bombers, Canadian pilots and bomber crews, and other WWII events. We even met a 98.5 year old veteran who told us what he could about his period serving for the Air Force – much of his work was scientific and secret. Very interesting fellow.

Next, a brief stop at my brother’s place in Okotoks to drop off our gear before going to see the Aero Space Museum in Calgary. Unfortunately it was much later in the day than we anticpated by then, and we arrived at the museum at 4:10, 10 minutes after they closed. At lease we weren’t the only ones; a family from France also tried to see the museum when we did.

We killed a little time before going to The Locked Room for a bit of puzzle fun. The Locked Room is an escape-the-room place where you get locked in a room with up to seven other people and have to solve puzzles and clues to figure out how to get out of the room within one hour. We were in the Mutiny on the High Seas room, where we were pirate sailors who had unsuccessfuly mutinied against the captain and had one hour in the brig before we’d have to walk the plank. We walked the plank. Trying to solve the puzzles was fun, but the four of us were paired with four teenage girls and eight people in that room was a bit chaotic. We think we’d have gotten more accomplished if we’d been able to do it ourselves or been with four other people we knew. Definitely going to have to try again.

Supper at the brother-in-laws came next, visiting with more family, and doing some preliminary planning for the houseboating portion of the trip to come.

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