Not missing it this time!

Port Canaveral, Florida, United States
Monday, March 16, 2015

Not missing it this time!

So, the last time we came to Florida we did not go to Kennedy Space Center, much to our chagrin; this time we made it so there was no other option. It made for a long day, but totally worth it. We bussed it with our tour group shore excursion at 8:30 am and didn’t get back to the pier until nearly 5:00. We stopped at the visitors centre first and viewed the rocket garden before going to see an IMAX movie, Journey To Space, narrated by Patrick Stewart. The movie was cool, but I enjoyed the rocket garden more. They had seven rockets, six of them standing upright and one on its side, plus one of the actual gangplanks used for one of the Apollo flights (yeah, details evade me now, it’s getting late) attached to a replica of a re-entry pod, another re-entry pod replica for photo ops, as well as several other pieces.

After the IMAX we bussed it to the Saturn V facility and by the launching pads. We saw the 1970(ish) version of the control room, Saturn V, LMs, spacesuits, articles, crawlers, real re-entry pods, and space dust. We had lunch and then returned to the visitors center to explore the Atlantis shuttle craft exhibit. There we saw a couple more short films on the history of designing the reusable shuttlecraft, for which planning was initiated just months before the first moon landing occurred. They have the decommissioned Atlantis in the exhibit, Canadarms intact; very cool to see! The interactive exhibits are really well done and there was plenty of examples of life in space.

We returned to the ship and since we had another three hours before last boarding call, I convinced the boys to take a taxi to a nearby restaurant on the pier instead of eating on the ship. When we got back to the ship Dan and I watched Name That Tune in the Royal Theater, which was a guest interactive version of the old TV show and included performances by the entertainment crew (dancers, singers, orchestra). It was fun! A guy from New Jersey won. Then we dragged the boys out of their room to go watch more people make good natured fools of themselves in 60 Seconds or Less. Guests volunteered to play four different games against each other, such as knocking down water bottles with balls in a pair of nylons stuck over your head and transferring cotton balls from one bowl to another using nothing but Vaseline on the end of your nose. Ridiculous fun.

Tomorrow should be a relaxing day at Cococay.

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