Cranky Pants, Geocaching, and Helium

Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, September 4, 2014

Woke up cranky today. My own fault though; I drank a bottle of Coca-Cola about an hour before going to bed and then couldn’t get to sleep for nearly another two hours. Sorry, Mom. Breakfast helped marginally, and by mid-day I was feeling better.

We drove on Highway 15 northbound, going through customs at Coutts, Alberta. That went relatively quickly: where are you from, how long have you been in the US, what’s the value of any purchases your transporting, $15? One-five? Do you have any tobacco or alcohol, okay, have a nice day.

Plugged along to Lethbridge, enjoying the distant view of the snow capped mountains, and decided to get a Booster Juice for lunch. Of course, that took longer than it should have again. You know, that consistent thing we’ve been doing messing with the Australian-voiced GPS’s plans for us.

Kept on plugging, passed my brother in High Prairie, picked up an early birthday ice cream cake for my nephew, and met my sister-in-law in Okotoks, where we stayed the night. My brother made an excellent meal of BBQ chicken and corn-on-the-cob, then we went for a drive around Okotoks. We picked up two geocaches and got a brief tour of their workplaces before heading home for the cake and a short dip in the hot tub. My nephew entertained us with his first experience inhaling helium from his birthday balloons. He couldn’t stop laughing long enough to say his chosen line before the helium would wear off. This was followed with a discussion about the dangers of repeated helium abuse…

Wildlife sightings: another hawk and various (and occasionally stinky) road kill…we haven’t established yet whether road kill can be counted as wildlife, have we?


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