Damn, Them Tires Are Big!

Banff, Alberta, Canada
Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nice, if long, day today. Got up at a decent time and while Dan and Jessica had showers, Jarod and I went for a swim. Fun!

Breakfast was good and before leaving Jasper we went on a walkabout searching for another cache. On the way to Banff we stopped to see some quicksand (neat!) and took the Excursion to see the Athabasca Glacier at the Columbia Ice Fields up close. Very cool, pardon the pun!

Upon arrival in Banff we checked into our hotel and promptly left for the Gondola. all of us were excited for this ride in one fashion or another… Holy crap, what a trip! I have to admit, for hanging from a cable several hundred feet above the mountain it was not a turbulent ride. Unfortunately we were  late enough that we could not have supper at the top, so we went to Earls instead. Marvelous, as usual. We ended our day with a dip in the Banff Upper Hot Springs, which were very comfortable and relaxing (The Boy’s description).

If any fellow geocachers are reading this, we have changed our geocaching.com user name. We agreed as a family that ‘adelleg’ did not properly represent the family. So after much deliberation we’ve changed our geocaching user name to ‘You’re In My Spot’ – a fond reference to our favourite character, Sheldon, from “The Big Bang Theory”.

Adelle 🙂

PS: Forgot to mention our wildlife sightings for the day: 2 chipmunks, 1 squirrel, 3 hitchhikers…

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