Holy Paint Pots, Batman!

Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
Monday, August 9, 2010

So today started as usual with breakfast and a drive. Our first stop on the way to Fernie was to get a cache at the Continental Divide, which is the continental line where the waters specifically divide to flow to the east to the Atlantic Ocean and to the west to the Pacific Ocean. There was a marker there noting the border between Alberta and BC, which Jarod and Jessica had fun hopping across repeatedly.

From there we stopped at the Paint Pots, another virtual geocache, but also a great hike across a river and through deposits of ochre. This was fun as there were information boards along the way that described how the indians of the area used the ochre to make red paint, and how later the the ochre was transported to Calgary and other sites for processing. There were remnants from the industrial efforts that were 100 years old. On the way back to the car it of course started raining on us. Eh, whatever, it’s just water.

We stopped at Fairmont Hot Springs for lunch before continuing on to Fernie, where after supper Cheryl took us for a drive and brought us to an area to find another quick geocache. We also managed to time it in the evening that Cheryl could show us the Ghost Rider in the Hosmer Mountain.

Now we’re back at The Jefferies and I’m forcing Cheryl and Dan to actually visit with each other while I catch up on some e-mails, work, and blogging and logging. He-he.

Adelle 🙂

PS: Forgot to mention today’s wildlife sightings: 1 deer, 1 moose, 1 bear, 2 hitchikers… better than yesterday!

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