Only three?!

Jasper, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, August 7, 2010

So we drove today from High Level to Jasper through Grande Prairie and Grande Cache. This was a very nice drive, even with the few construction interruptions. We managed to find three caches along the way today. Still less than I would have liked, but better than yesterday. And it was a long drive today even without stopping for the caches. The very first one we stopped for was my personal favourite as it took us down a side road and we had to climb a steep but not difficult hill to get to it. Very lovely view, no bugs, nice breeze, comfortable weather. Perfect. The other two caches were microcaches, which were a way for us to go for a nice walk around Grande Prairie after having lunch at Wendy’s. (Mmmm… Wendy’s….).

Otherwise our driving time encompassed a couple of Road Trip games and spotting only three young deer. Unfortunately we also arrived too late into Jasper to even go to the pool at our hotel, but the late meal we had at Ember’s Steakhouse was excellent, as was the service.

Off to go crash now…

Adelle 🙂

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