Footprints in Fernie

Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a great day! We started the day with a 4-hour walking tour of Fernie with Cheryl and Nathan. They took us around on some trails that Cheryl walks on a regular basis and found two geocaches along the way. Stopped at Timmie’s for lunch before walking back to the house.

While the kids were at the pool for the afternoon, Cheryl and Ken took Dan and I out in the Jeep for a drive around to three more geocaches. They brought us to this beautiful spot on Coal Creek that I swear would have been worth staying, swimming, reading, relaxing at for hours! If only we’d had time!

Not long after that a friend of Cheryl’s, Ian, took Cheryl, Dan, Jarod, Nathan, Quinton, and I out for a hike to see an amenite up in the mountains (I forget which one). What an amazing hike! Ian brought us across the river over a large fallen log (thank you to Cheryl for her assistance getting me started across it!), then a little bushwacking before heavy climbing along a small rocky creek (no climbing gear required). It took us about 45 minutes or so to get to the amenite and then 20 minutes to get back down, followed by a few extra minutes to walk across the creek over the rocks rather than over the log this time. That would be because Ian and Dan sort of had to build enough steps for the rest of us to get across without getting wet. The amenite was amazingly detailed, and only exposed a small end portion of the full actual fossil, which remains in the rock.

Once we returned from that it was time for a late supper at the Red Tree Restaurant and then home to bed. Like I said, a great day!


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