Hogs on the High Seas

Port Canaveral, Florida, United States
Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cruise ship day! All six of us were up an hour earlier than planned today thanks to forgetting that it was daylight savings time. We had breakfast, checked out, and went for a walk with more than enough time to wait for the van to pick us up and take us to the port. The drive was a little over an hour long, but due to computer problems at the terminal it took nearly two hours to go through security and get onto the ship. So we’re standing in this long, winding line up, patiently following the pack, passing the same people every time the line wraps around again, when Dan notices a guy wearing a Saskatchewan Roughrider’s jersey. So the next time we pass him I nod at him and ask if he’s Canadian. Sure enough, he is. So we have brief conversations a few times around the line before we’re no longer passing each other. Along the way I also started to notice there were a significant number of people with tattoos and Harley’s paraphernalia. So I asked one lady as we were walking by if she could tell me why and it turns out that half the ship’s passenger manifest is comprised of Harley Davidson bikers because they are holding their Hogs on the High Seas Rally on this cruise. I couldn’t help but laugh at that! What are the odds that we would pick the one cruise where Dan would not stand out with his long hair and bushman style?

As Jess mentions below, the ship is huge. Up until two days ago it was the largest passenger ship on the oceans. We even managed to find the Guiness Book of World Records certificate posted on one of the walls to prove it. Now, however, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis is the largest.

Other than walking around the ship a little bit, trying to get our sea legs, and having supper we didn’t really do much yet. Supper was magnificent! The onion tart was amazingly melt in your mouth good.

Anyway, the ship is sailing through somewhat choppy waters and the weaving of the boat is making me dizzy and hard to concentrate. No nausea yet though. Woo-hoo!


Juice’s Corner:

GOOD day peoples! Well today we got ON the cruise ship. MAN IT’S BIG! You couldn’t even get it into one frame for a picture!! It took 4 hours to get on… but we’re on now so… ya. But the pool looks so fun! There is also a surf rider thing that looks really fun. OOOhh and there’s an arcade! Well anyway, When we got on the ship, we got these cards that are basically our credit cards J And we went to the restaurant… and the Onion tart was GOOOOD! But it was mums. I also had pork medallions… they were okay… Tomorrow we are on the ocean… And apparently there’s some teen stuff going on, like a prom or sumthing… Whatever… I’m going to the ARCADE! And it’s also Grandma Claire’s birthday tomorrow! Not much else really has happened… so ya. That’s about it… ya bii. Logging off of Juice’s Corner NOW

Juiceness/Jessica 😀

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