Labadee, Haiti
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Juice’s Corner:

BONJOUR! Today we went to Labadee. First off, Our safe with our Passports in them died. Uh-huh. So mum almost missed breakfast waiting for someone to fix it. BUT she did get breakfast. So when we got TO Labadee, Mum and I went on the ZIPLINE. The LONGEST zipline over the open Ocean! IT WAS FUN! I EVEN SPREAD MY ARMS OUT! But dad got a picture of me when I was coming in for a landing, so it looks like I’m holding on for dear life. After that we went to the market, IT WAS SOO KEWL! I GOT THE PRETTIST AWESOMEST NECKLACE FOR LIKE 1/6 OF THE PRICE I WOULD HAVE GOT IT IN YELLOWKNIFE! We also got these AWESOME watermelon seed necklaces. 3 for 5$! So we got six. But when we had to walk through this one street full of markets… O MY GOD! We were just aiming to get to the beach, not wanting to buy anything, we wound up leaving the market with a flute, a dress, a magnet, a bag, and a wooden mask. That’s how pushy they are. They were like “Hey! Wanna see sumthing you’ve never seen before? I’m not pushy, I know pushy I’m not pushy” in really heavy French accents. And when they were trying to sell us sumthing and another guy came to try and sell us something, Man they had mouths… Litterally “Pardon my French.”  Then when we went to watch Dad and Jarod go in the water park thing, It looked like they were having fun, but apparently they weren’t. Apparently the water was full of garbage and the bottoms of the stuff were covered with barnacles and all kinds of stuff. Then we went back to the ship, and during supper, our waiter taught us this thing with spoons, where you basically slingshot it into the glass… I got it in like 3 times! Uh-huh! Ya… anyway. Hmmm ya we went to the pool and soon we are going to watch Angels and Demons.. so ya… see ya soon!


So ‘Juiceness’ has pretty well explained our day today. It started out with a minor annoyance in the in-room safe malfunctioning, but it was fixed and we got our wallets to go out into Labadee today. Jessica and I did get the better end of the deal in our shore excursion. The Dragon’s Breath Zip Line was totally amazing. The hardest part was being pushed off the ledge. The line started 500 feet above sea level and was 2,533 feet long – the longest zip line over water in the world.

After a quick break for lunch provided by the ship we went shopping in the market and got a few things there and then went looking for Jarod and Dan’s ‘event’. Unfortunately this path took us through the vendor street, which was not really a pleasant experience, as Jessica has described. This unfortunateness continued for the boys as the Arawak Water Park was situated directly next to a commercial fishing dock and the water was dirty with garbage floating around, and the inflatable water ‘toys’ were covered in barnacles and several handles were broken. They only stayed in there for about 20 minutes and were done. We went back to the boat then and enjoyed the fine, clean facilities there.

However, my luck with the on-board electronics continued with my room key demagnetizing. I went down to guest services to get a new key, which they gave me, only for that key not to work either. They ended up giving me an extra key to use in the door.

Anyway, a swim in the pool followed by a viewing of Angels and Demons ended our day. Tomorrow is Jamaica.



C’mon! The third is almost over! (It’s currently 9:30 PM Mountain time) and there’s no entry yet… From Rick James, on Nov 4, 2009 at 04:31AM

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