Travel Day One: Leg Two

October 2, 2020 – about 1:30 p.m.


Stop number two on day one is a must-do at Big River gas station on the highway near Fort Providence. The tank in my car is not quite big enough to get me to High Level in one go, so we always stop at Big River and top up the tank. Big River is about a three-hour drive from Yellowknife, which is just about perfect timing for a bathroom break and lunch. Of course, today I did not stay for lunch and only stopped long enough for the mentioned bathroom break and gas tank top up.

I clearly have kayaking on the brain in the below video, probably because we finally actually used our kayak’s this year and still didn’t get out in them as much as I would have liked.

The above photograph was taken on a rest stop closer to the Deh Cho Bridge, which is what connects the north side of the river to the south side of the river. This bridge is still pretty exciting for me, even though it’s already several years old. Why? Well, because it arches so high and seems so narrow once you’re on it, but also because before this bridge was built we would have to take a ferry to cross the river in the summer and drive the ice road across in the winter. This also meant we would be unable to get across the river during the spring break-up and the fall freeze-up. That is all in the past now, and while the ferry/ice-road were unique experiences that I value, as a resident of Yellowknife I appreciate having the bridge now.

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