Travel Day One: Leg Three

October 2, 2020 – approximately 3:00 p.m.

I know, I know, these section titles are really boring. Sorry. Dan’s not with me to provide his unique ideas for such things…

Oh, hey, look! I just noticed I can change the border styles…cool…

This stop ended up being in Enterprise. I was not expecting that because it never really registered that Enterprise is about an hour and a half away from Big River at Fort Providence. I think even if it wasn’t I might have stopped here anyway, for the reason mentioned in the video. As I was driving by and actually paying attention to the scenery on the side of the road I realized, oh, hey, there’s a ravine with a river there, I should take a closer look! So I did. Then I noticed the time and realized it fortuitously was my time to stop anyway.

I did look it up and confirmed that the river in question is indeed the Hay River snaking it’s way past the community. Alexandra Falls are on this river further south. We normally would try to stop and see Alexandra Falls on this drive, but I will not be doing that this time around. Maybe on the way back up, if I’m allowed. Honestly, Dan and I should consider a camping trip near the Hay River to do some kayaking…not anywhere near the falls or any rapids, of course, we’re way too new at the sport for that.

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