“Boss! Da plane! Da Plane”

It rained again today. But it’s okay, because we started the day spending money on two new rain jackets, so we didn’t get quite as wet as we could have. Despite taking a boat ride.

Yes, a boat ride. And we even stood on the top deck for the outward sailing. In the rain. Where we couldn’t see half the points of interest referenced by the guide due to the fog. Stupid Canadian northerners, you’re probably thinking. But you’d be wrong! Because in this case it was the destination that was worth the journey. We went to Inchcolm Island and explored Inchcolm Abbey. Or what’s left of it. Which is actually quite a lot. It is the best preserved medieval abbey in Scotland. The Abbey was built by King David I on behalf of his late brother King Alexander I. Alexander went and got himself stranded on Inchcolm Island in 1123, where he and his retinue were helped by a hermit living on the island until they could be rescued. Alexander was so grateful to the hermit, he promised to build the abbey there as a thank you. Now, as I type that, I find myself wondering how appreciative a hermit would actually be to suddenly have a bunch of monks sharing the small island with him…

Dan doing his Kal Drogo impression.

Anyway, we had a great time exploring, we saw some grey seals, and Inchgnome Island.

Our next stop was supposed to be to see Frankie Boyle’s show, but I underestimated when we’d be back to shore from Inchcolm Island, so we missed the show. Instead we took a leisurely stroll up The Royal Mile, I got me some dark chocolate fudge, and we made our way (in more rain – good thing we have proper rain coats now) to The Scottish Cafe and Restaurant. Why there? Because I splurged and got us the Piper’s Package to see the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, that’s why! The package included a light supper at the aforementioned restaurant, with a piper’s escort to Edinburgh Castle, and reserved seating at the event.

So we sit at our designated table at the restaurant and an older couple sits down with us, so we start talking. You know, where are you from, what do you do, that kind of thing. The couple, it turns out, are originally from England, but have been living in Australia for the last 50 years. I’m helping the lady put her hospitality wristband on and she makes a comment about her husband being an engineer. I look at her and comment that so is mine. Her husband says he’s a mine engineer. In my head I’m like, seriously? A mine engineer from Australia? I look at him and Dan and say, you two need to talk. So you say you work at a mine? Yes. Which one? Rio Tinto. Really? Yes. So does he, I say, referring to Dan. So, yeah, they talked. What are the odds? We had a lovely conversation over supper.

After supper, as mentioned, we walked up to the castle for the tattoo. Which was a great show. The theme this year celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force and young people. There were performers from all over the world. And my favourite thing of all: Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps was there! Don’t get me wrong, everyone was great, but Top Secret is just phenomenal! Precision drumming at its finest. YouTube them! Right now! Go on…

Adelle and Dan

P.S. Bonus points to anyone who gets the title reference.

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