Can I sleep yet?


That overseas overnight flight is going to kill me if I keep thinking I can do things when we land. I did manage to get a couple hours sleep between Halifax and Glasgow, though. Once we landed we took a cab to Glasgow Central Station, where we had breakfast and went for a walk before catching the train to Edinburgh.

We managed to catch the tail end of a marching band parade, something to do with being the sons of King William. I heard the drums as we were walking out of the station, then I heard the pipes and ran to see if I could catch them at all.

We got first class tickets on the train, which put us in the front car. Unfortunately our seats faced backward, which was just ugh. (All the seats faced backward, just to be clear). We’re optimistic it will be reversed when we return to Glasgow.

The car rental wasn’t quite ready when we were, so we went to get our Fringe tickets. That ended up being way faster than we anticipated! Their computer kiosk is so much more efficient than I’ve seen before. All I had to do was put the credit card I paid for the tickets with in the slot, the system found my tickets and printed them. That’s it. Crazy!

By the time we got the car, dropped it off at Kingsway B&B, and cabbed it back to The Stand Comedy Club, we had no time for lunch before watching Jessie Cave perform. She was funny, but still relatively new to the game. How did one critic put her show? I think it was described as awkwardly funny.

We followed that up with a walk to The World’s End for a very late or very early supper (perspective, right?), which was actually really good. The place isn’t very big, it’s a pub/restaurant, but it was decent.

Then I suckered Dan into going to Hamilton and Young’s jewellery store Nd picked myself up a likeness of Claire Fraser’s wedding ring as described by Diana Gabaldon in the Outlander books. Yes, I did that. Go ahead and call me a dork, but I think the ring is lovely. Don’t you?

Last show for the day was Ari Shaffir. Also a very funny show. He clearly has more experience than Jessie. The guy in the front row with the distinctive laugh kept making Ari laugh, which was funny too.

But we are back at our room now. Before I close, I want to apologize for this boring post, but as I opened with…so…very…tired.

Signing off. Talk to you tomorrow.

Adelle and Dan

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