Stupid Dark Thirty in the Morning

…but Javaroma sorta made up for it with their blueberry oatmeal muffin.

Me and my honey.
Javaroma Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin, so yummy…
Do I really need a caption for this?

Isn’t he adorable with that pillow around his neck?

Yes, we are on our latest adventure to Scotland. As the title implies, our beautiful daughter graciously got up to take us to the airport at 4:15 this morning. No trouble checking our bags, and security was a breeze. Of course, we did beat the rush, so that might have had something to do with it. To be fair, though, the airport just renovated the security screening area. It’s still only one line, but there’s more room before and after the scanner to get your things out and pick them up. I choose to be optimistic that the new setup will adequately serve Yellowknife’s needs.

The flight to Edmonton was uneventful, despite flying on the ever-so-cramped Q400 (Dash-8) for nearly two hours. We both actually slept on the flight, which is normal for Dan but not so much for me. I admit, I felt better when we landed.

Our connection in Edmonton allowed us to get the obligatory Cookies By George. Happy camper here. We assumed Wok Box would not be open so early in the morning, and did not learn we were wrong until it was much too late to get something to bring on the next flight. Dan got a kick out of finding the University of Alberta vending machine. It’s true, they have a vending machine at the airport to sell their logo’d shirts, sweaters, hats, and other swag.

The remainder of our flights were on 737s, and Plus seating to boot, so definitely no complaints. Toronto airport was actually pretty boring, but we did a lot of walking while waiting for our next connection; gotta make sure the blood is circulating before the longest leg of the trip, avoid deep vein thrombosis, and all. I hate to admit it (or act it) but we’re not getting any younger here…

I decided to try out the WestJet Connect Internet connection during our last leg. I’m writing and posting today’s blog at 39,000 feet in the air between Toronto and Hamilton. So weird! I’ll try playing a couple of my online games in a little bit, see how well that works.

Anyhoo, we land in Glasgow Saturday morning at about 1:00 am Yellowknife time, 8:00 am Glasgow time. I intend to try and sleep for some of the Halifax to Glasgow leg. Talk about to you tomorrow!

Adelle and Dan

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