Captain Woosed Out

New York City, New York, United States
Sunday, October 9, 2016

It’s raining. Not heavy, but still… Unfortunately I brought Jessica’s rain jacket instead of mine. Seriously does not fit.

The complimentary breakfast consists of cereal boxes, fruit, packaged pastry, granola bars, coffee, tea, and flavoured water. I’m not complaining. It was nice to have cereal and an apple for breakfast.

Turns out I unconsciously booked our hotel right around the corner from where the girls and I stayed. And literally next to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, where the girls and I saw a mangy stuffed rat. It took seeing several super heroes walk by for me to remember that the New York Comic Con was this weekend, and what I didn’t know is that it’s taking place just down the block from where we’re staying. Too bad I’ve already booked a walking tour of the financial district this afternoon or we might have been able to go see the Rooster Teeth panel this afternoon. And maybe I could have gotten a couple of my fave sci-fi authors’ autographs. Sigh.

It’s 10:30 am and the boys are just getting up. Dan and I have already gone for a walk around the block. I’m thinking cronuts are not going to happen.


Cronuts did not happen. Didn’t even try. We did stop at Carlo’s Bakery on the way to the subway, though. The treats were fantastic, but it took a long time to wait.

Then the adventure on the subway began. We took the train we thought would get us where we needed to be. If we’d stuck with that we would have been correct. But then I looked at the map and thought we had to switch trains. So we did. Only to find out that due to construction that train would take longer to get to our destination. We finally got to the meeting point for our walking tour with minutes to spare, without the planned time to have a bite of Mexican food for lunch.

In the meantime, it had been raining and grey all morning and for the first little bit of the walk. We were booked to go on a tall ship sailing this evening. We did speculate whether or not the sailing would be cancelled because of the rain, but thought maybe not because it really wasn’t very windy. Sigh, we were right to speculate, but wrong to think it would go ahead. Sure enough, not even half way through our walk we got a text advising that the captain and owner were cancelling the sailing due to the weather for safety reasons. And we can’t even take advantage of their offer of another sailing because we leave before the next ones are available. And then to top it off, within a couple hours of the email the weather cleared up really nice with clear blue skies.

We followed the walk with lunch at the Eataly at the World Trade Centre. Soooo good. The place is an Italian market with five different restaurants. Jessica and I could live there. Anyway…

Next is the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Really well done facility. Very sobering. Worth seeing.

Then our day continued pretty much on par. We walked to the Hook and Ladder No. 8 building to see the Ghostbusters garage only to find it under renovations and completely covered by scaffolding. Yeah.

Onward and our day improved. Lombardi’s pizza was awesome. The wait to get in wasn’t even bad. The cab ride was remarkably inexpensive. The Empire State Building was cool, but three quarters of the time we were there was in lines getting in and out. Fun though. Now we’re just chilling in our room.

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