First full day at sea

Avon, North Carolina, United States
Saturday, March 14, 2015

Well, the ship has been rocking gently but persistently all day. No sunrise or sunset to be seen this day. We started the day with an All Access Tour of the ship led by our guide Fritz from Philly (that would be Phillipines). He took us to see the galley, the control centre, the food stores, the waste management area, the crew areas, back stage of the theatre, and the bridge. Connecting all of that through the middle of the ship is one long hallway called the I-95. We’re no longer able to see the actual engine room for security reasons (9/11). The second officer on the bridge was a 23-year-old young man from Victoria, B.C. After the tour we were all gifted with an RC backpack, bandana, and water bottle.

Dan and I enjoyed Japanese food for lunch at Izumi before going to watch Mamma Mia! The musical, which were both pretty fantastic. The boys spent some time playing ping pong again and hanging out in their room. We contemplated going swimming, but the weather hasn’t let up, so we played Wizard in the library instead. Zak kicked butt at that game.

While the boys, including Dan, went to play some more ping pong I went to the gym. That would have been fine if I had stuck to just doing some weights and core exercises, but no, I had to try doing some treadmill work. On a machine facing east on a ship going south against winds and waves buffeting it from a roughly southwesterly direction. It didn’t take long for a little bit of motion sickness to kick in, say five minutes. I got off the blasted machine and did a short round of the other stuff before returning to our room for some gravol. Supper at American Icon followed the workout mistake and quickly helped to resolve my problem.

Tally ho for now; it’s another day at sea tomorrow.

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