On Our Way

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Toronto-Glasgow via Halifax
Westjet PLUS

Posted a couple pictures of the Robertson Headframe. I anticipate this will be the last time I’ll see the iconic landmark I grew up with in my neighbourhood. It was supposed to have been demolished in April sometime; since it wasn’t and I wanted to watch it come down then of course that means it will happen while we’re away.

Aside from Westjet switching from using the Jet to a Dash-8 out of Yellowknife (so much for roomy PLUS seating on a Dash-8…grrrrrr), the flights today were uneventful. Honestly, I do love flying with Westjet. They are fantastic.

Dan slept most of the way. I read about half of my book by Neil Oliver on the history of Scotland. And I managed to get the census done during our layovers while still in Canada. Extremely little turbulence, a breeze getting through Scotland customs, and our luggage even made it without incident! Completely exhausted, though.

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