Road Trip

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Saturday, May 7, 2016

Well, after a brief side trip to the hospital (don’t worry – it turned out to be nothing serious), we were on our way to Edinburgh. It took us nearly five hours, but that includes a stop for lunch at the Loch Lommond Lodge and navigating the first two hours through ridiculously narrow roads. I keep telling Dan I don’t want to know how few inches there were between the car and the stone guard rails or bridges on his side. Getting on the M8 was like a breath of fresh air, even with the construction delays, and made for a very relaxing final hour and a half of driving.

We unloaded our stuff at our room at 4KT Guest House, then walked down Coates, Haymarket, Clifton, Atholl, and Shandwick before stopping at The Cellar Restaurant for supper. It literally was in the cellar of a bar, and the booths along the outer perimeter were sunken rooms. Service was great, food was great, it was all great.

We talked about our activities over the next few days here, then walked back to our room. I thought to do laundry, but apparently the laundrette (laundromat) closes early compared to at home. We found an alternative that we can use on Monday. Don’t worry, we won’t be walking around in stinky, dirty clothes for half of our stay.

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