Rosslyn, Roslin, and more Roslin

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Monday, May 9, 2016

We planned to do more, we really did. But it wasn’t that bad a day anyway. The weather was beautiful. The first part of the drive was nearly perfect.

We went to Rosslyn Chapel this morning. The stonemason work on that building is truly extraordinary. It’s a shame it went unused for so long (150 years), but the restoration efforts are coming along beautifully.

The scenery overlooking the Glen’s are breathtaking. In fact, we found the whole area very pleasant. And we should know by now. We spent unplanned hours trying to complete a multi-cache that was not very clear in its instructions with a GPS it turns out I wasn’t using to its full effectiveness. We walked literally all over the village and down walking paths. As I said, it was absolutely beautiful, just incredibly long.

We didn’t do much after that, just went back to our room, put our feet up, and chilled.


Awesome travel blog guys! Great photos and interesting narrative. Makes me feel like I’m there. Happy 48th Danny!!! Hope you guys did something particularly fun to celebrate your birthday.

John From John Guigon, on May 10, 2016 at 10:37PM

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