Outlander Represented

Pitlochry, Scotland, United Kingdom
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Not many stops on this drive to Pitlochry, but the two we did make turned out to be very interesting. First was Culross, which is a village that has maintained its 16th and 17th century architecture to a remarkable degree, so much so that shows like Outlander have been able to use the site with very little dressing to represent historical periods. In Outlander, Culross is used in place of a fictional village called Cranesmuir in 1742.

We also visited the Abbey, which really turned out to have its own character and interesting features, and the Kirk contains very old and prominent “residents”. Apparently the Culross Palace is supposed to be worth the visit, but we had to be on our way.

Next stop was Aberdour Castle, which was also a surprisingly interesting visit. The castle was built over five periods between the 12th and 17th centuries. Now, part of it is still standing and can be used for meetings or gatherings, part of it is in ruins, and part of it is almost completely fallen. The gardens have been well kept, and they’ve replanted the small orchard. It’s really a very interesting visit (I know, I’m repeating myself), and Historic Scotland really must be given it’s due for the excellent work they’re doing to preserve and promote historical sights.

Alas, we had to get on the road to Pitlochry, which turned out to be a very pleasant drive on decent highways, and Pitlochry itself is really quite beautiful. It very much reminds us of Banff, Jasper, or even Canmore. It’s a shame we can’t stay, but tomorrow is the Hogwart’s Express!

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