Time to Go

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Well, our Scotland trip has come to an end. If it wasn’t time to go back to work to pay for it we’d probably stay longer. Alas, real life, and our nearly grown children, beckons.

We face being awake for roughly 24-hours, roughly 14 of them in the air, with stops in Halifax, Toronto, and Calgary. A long haul, but we’ll sleep well tonight, with many wonderful memories and a desire to return to Scotland.

A few tips for next time:

– since Westjet doesn’t seem to want to fly the 737 out of Yellowknife anymore, there is no point buying Plus seating for the Yellowknife to Calgary segment. So, use Airmiles to get to Toronto and pay the upgrade to Plus for the Calgary to Toronto segment. Buy the Plus seating from Toronto to Glasgow separately, hopefully on a seatsale. That way we’ll still be getting sweet seating, but paying much less for it.

– we really don’t need to pack our GPS’s and accessories in our carry on bag (little miss paranoid here). Even if our stuff does get lost, our travel insurance and the airline replacement coverage should get us replacements. Save your back and only bring as carry on your iPhone, iPad, charging cables, your passport, and your wallet. Maybe a book, small blanket, and pillow.

– if your jumping around to different B&Bs nearly every night again, pack an overnight bag for your toiletries, pyjamas, and a change of clothes to bring to your room. Leave the big suitcase locked in the car. B&Bs tend to have numerous stairs to the rooms and no lifts, so hauling all your luggage up them gets really tiresome.

– pack more underwear and socks than you think you’ll need. The launderette will inevitably manage to lose some of them.

– make sure you are actually reserving an AUTOMATIC vehicle, not a standard or manual. Poor souls like myself, while I might be able to manage a standard in an emergency, are not remotely competent enough to drive them on high traffic areas let alone extremely narrow roads. Might be best to try and phone the car rental company directly to make sure you’re getting what you ask for.


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