Longest seven-hour drive EVER!

High Level, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, August 13, 2015

Haven’t left yet, but the cars are washed and mostly loaded, the food coolers are packed and waiting on ice, and we’re just waiting on the husband/father’s return from work. He still has to pack his own bag and get a hair cut, but that shouldn’t take long and then we can hit the road. We’re taking both vehicles this time, but only as far as Calgary. We have some boxes to bring back from Calgary on the way home and our schedules are not terribly favourable to get that done later in the calendar year. So we’re taking advantage of this trip to multitask. First stop (in the early morning) will be High Level. Normally we push through another three-hours to Peace River, but we’re leaving Yellowknife around supper time, which means we won’t arrive in High Level until around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. Then we have another 12-hour drive to Saskatoon tomorrow, so we have to stop in High Level to get some much needed sleep.

I’ll add more to this blog later to let you know what, if anything, we saw or experienced on the drive.

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