A day for family

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Saturday, August 15, 2015

Today we bade our final farewells to my mother-in-law. The funeral, lunch, and interment were well attended by family and friends, many of whom we hadn’t seen in a long time. Pretty sure Mom was giggling at us from wherever she is now while we were set upon by heavy rain, wind, thunder, and lightning during her interment at the cemetery.

Visited with Martin, Kathy, and Lillian before heading back to Saskatoon. A very lovely visit with very lovely people living in a very lovely rural area of Prince Albert.

Upon our return to our hotel we took time to have supper with more family before relaxing at the waterslides/hottubs and visiting with even more family, followed by a relatively early night. We were in bed by 10:30-ish, which is really early for us.


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