Waaaayyyyy up high!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First travel day of the boys’ 16th birthday gift has been wonderfully uneventful so far. We met all our connections, all our luggage made it to Toronto, and our cab driver did find our hotel where it was supposed to be. It’s no longer called Holiday Inn Express — which is where I made the reservation — but that’s okay. It’s now a Quality Inn. Taking a brief rest before we go to the CN Tower for supper and sight seeing. I’ll check back in with you when we get back.

Our front desk clerk (hospitality officer?) kindly arranged for a driver to take us to the CN Tower; the drive there took an hour long, which concerned me a bit because we had to account for getting back to our hotel early enough to get some sleep before having to wake up at 4:00 am again to catch our flight tomorrow. No need to worry after all, the ride back only took half an hour.

I had planned on taking the family to Horizons restaurant at the tower for supper only to find out when we got there that it was closed for a private party. Nuts! We were really hungry, too! But we had passed a restaurant walking in to the tower called Baton Rouge, so we doubled back the short distance to eat there. They weren’t terribly busy, we were seated and served right away, and the food was really good. All three boys got burgers and proved the level of their hunger by demolishing the expansive servings.

The tower itself was pretty amazing. The views certainly were as advertised: beautiful! And the height dizzying. We stood on the main observation deck, looked down through the glass floors, and took a ride up to the Skypod level. Not bad for two of us being afraid of heights. Well worth the diversion. Although one of our group did note how even at the top of the world the cell phone reception had not improved. Particularly interesting when one considers that specific function being one of the tower’s main purposes…

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