First night…wait for it though

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Monday, July 28, 2014

We are finally on our way to Las Vegas! So excited, Jessica promptly fell asleep on my shoulder between Yellowknife and Edmonton…

Arrived in Edmonton after the first leg of our flight with no issues. Jessica had a good nap and I got through a little more than half of the convention schedule.

We grabbed a few Cookies by George and a milk before heading to the US Quick Express to get to customs. The cookies were fabulous and the lady at the Quick Express was very nice. I’ve never been through there before, so it was interesting having to wait for our luggage to be transferred in the cargo area from one plane to another and get photographed along the way; we had to identify our luggage by the photograph on the lady’s computer screen before we were allowed to go through to the customs gate.

The line up at the customs gate was maybe four people long, including Jessica and I. We go individually to different officers and I can hear Jessica answering his questions:”Where are you going? Why are you going there? You got your hair cut since your passport photo? Yeah, you look a little like Ezri Dax now. Live long and prosper.” I turn to smile at that and he looks at me and says she didn’t respond to his farewell. I looked at Jess and she’s day dreaming, and I ask her what kind of Trek fan are you? Turns out she hadn’t heard the customs officer’s live long and prosper. Hehe…she was embarrassed.

Anyway, we got through customs and proceeded down the hall to the gates. Along the way the designers of this area commissioned this fantastic aerial view mosaic mural of the city of Edmonton that I thought was just fantastic. See photo.

While waiting to board we browsed in the stores and at one there was this book cover that made me laugh. I nodded Jessica’s attention to it. At least, I thought I did. She laughed at the shadow puppet on the book next to the one I wanted her to see first. Can you tell which is which? See photo. Oiy.

When we were checking our bags in Yellowknife the flight attendant commented that we might have gotten a seat upgrade for the Las Vegas leg of our trip. Alas, that was not the case — we were seated directly behind the last row of Plus seating — but due to our plane not having any seat back TVs our fantastic flight attendants decided to compensate us another way. In order to ‘win’ a free meal or a free drink or a free upgrade to Plus seating (the plane was obviously not full) we had to correctly answer various trivia questions. Jessica managed to pull one off by correctly answering that there were eight emergency exits on the plane. Bonus! Free meals for both of us.

In Las Vegas we got our car from Enterprise –yes, appropriate, I know — and checked into Luxor for the night. Got a free room upgrade from the pyramid to the tower. Only downside so far here is the only internet access in the rooms is with an Ethernet cable. If we want to use the free wifi (like, say, on our iPhones or iPads) we have to go into the public spaces. Annoying, but true. Unfortunately, it also means my travel blog posts aren’t likely to get uploaded until I get to a reliable, free wifi connection.


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