Rickshaws and Irish Pubs

New York City, New York, United States
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Woke up late…again…
Our plan was to go to H&H Bagels, carriage ride to the American Museum of Natural History, then dinner at Blue Moon Cafe (Market Diner). Unfortunately upon arrival at the H&H Bagels address we discovered that they were no longer in business. So on our way back to where we could catch the subway up to Central Park we came across a lovely little coffee house called Biscolatte where we had oatmeal and frittattas for breakfast.

On the way to Central Park we happened across a small store that was selling a dress we had seen elsewhere supposedly at clearance prices. While none of us got the dress, all three of us did come out with something each, so that was nice. We continued on and not far away came across the rickshaw (pedal carriages) people from whom we discovered that the horse-drawn carriages are not allowed to go all the way across the park, only on a very specific loop at the southern end. As an alternative we took a very pleasant 45-minute ride in a rickshaw to the museum instead. The driver was very nice and a very good guide, pointing out various landmarks throughout the park. We even had two photo opportunities at one of the fountains and at John Lennon’s Imagine tribute.

Unfortunately the museum for whatever reason closes at 5:45 so we only had about three hours there, including a half hour planetarium show that we saw. Trust me, this is not remotely enough time to really get through this place! But we did get to see what we saw and it was very interesting and the exhibits are very thorough.

After getting kicked out of the museum at 5:45 precisely we took a leisurely stroll through the park to get back to the carriage rides hoping to get one back to Times Square. On the way we tried to find a geocache in the park but were unsuccessful, partly because it was getting dark and we didn’t have a flashlight. By the time we got to the carriages we found out that after a certain time it is no longer legal for them to go into Times Square. So no carriage ride for us today. We decided we would try again tomorrow.

We also decided that rather than venturing into a questionable area after dark for supper that we would walk to McGee’s Pub for supper instead. For those not in the know, McGee’s Pub is the establishment that McLaren’s Pub on How I Met Your Mother is based on. We had a lovely dinner there and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations being had at the neighbouring table by a group of young men who were obviously all employed in the arts community. It was funny because all three of us were quietly sitting there seemingly just passing the time waiting for our meals until the moment when we all just looked at each other and realized we were all listening to the next table’s conversation. I decided we were enjoying their conversation and the opportunity to converse amongst ourselves about who they each might be in their personal circles that I had to buy them a round on the way out. When the girls realized what I was doing they were thoroughly embarrassed and had to leave the pub ahead of me to make sure the guys didn’t see them or acknowledge them. It was very funny.

The walk back to the hotel entailed several blocks down Broadway with several detours in various stores to do some much lacking shopping. We got back to the hotel with more shirts, another suitcase, and chocolate from the Hershey’s Store.

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