The Mother Unit is Down

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today’s plan was to go visit Grandma Lafrance before going shopping for a few things. Which is exactly what we did, although with less than satisfactory shopping results.

Grandma seems to be doing pretty well. She’s not in as much pain as she was and she is getting around with her walker, although she can’t go very far. We had a really nice visit though, reminiced about the past, had a nice lunch in her building’s meal room, and played two games of dice (I won once and Mom barely sneaked past Grandma in the second round).

After that Mom and I went shopping. Other than an entertaining incident with a cookie, I picked up a couple of items but was not successful in finding certain birthday gift items I was hoping to get. May try again tomorrow.

Dinner, as you can tell from my photos, was at Red Robin. Didn’t need a whole lot of armtwisting to get the parental units there. Apparently I had worn Mom out with the shopping by 6:00 and nobody felt like actually cooking…

Adelle šŸ™‚

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